Hiya! Suzie here. After following the lives of a few beautiful and hilarious plus-size bloggers, I’ve decided to start my own blog, eeek Nervy B.

Here’s a bit about me..

I’m from Billericay in Essex, the best place a girl could ever live. And like any true essex babe, my family are my world.  I’m 24 and a size 16 but my dream is to change that to a size 10. I’m a self-confessed Bingo addict (if you couldn’t tell), loving my evenings spent on my favey Bingo site, the wonderful Mecca.


I’m a down to earth girl, I’ve got a heart of gold, and one day I WILL settle down with a fit man in a uniform. I love cats, especially my white long-haired beauty Frank, named after the beautiful Frank Lampard. I’ve attached a little picture. I am a self-confessed chocolaholic, Mark Wright lover and bargain hunter.

I’m also a big telly fan, and my favourite shows have to be TOWIE, The Kardashians, Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills,  Jeremy Kyle and of course ALL the soaps!

But be warned I only hate two things… rude people and snobs!

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