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French Fry Pizza!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI bring to you all the God of all pizzas, the heaven on earth, the French fry pizza. Quite possibly the world’s tastiest pizza.

It excites me so much eeeek! And the best news about this exciting recipe is that its gluten free because you’ve taken the dough base away! In a world where suddenly gluten is bad for you this is heaven. Beats one of those awful pizza pitta breads I’ve been trying! Hell yeah!

You are mental if you’re not going to try this!!

Sneaky Snacking!

skin-healthy-food_FotorWe’re all guilty. Me especially!! I sit there playing my evenings away on online Bingo raking in the cash with my soaps and stuff in the background, and my hand just happens to find its way into bags of crisps, chocolate and ice cream (whatever is there really!) which then happens to find itself into my tummy… oopsie. But I need to get real now, since I’ve got back from Marbs I just seem to be getting bigger and bigger and I might be proud of being a plus-sizie Suzie but I’m losing all my confidence.

But I did some research earlier and here are my top 5 new snacks that I shall be snacking on that are rumoured to be healthy and yummy:

  1. Dark chocolate – boosts circulation and lowers blood pressure.
  2. Watermelon – contains essential vitamins and potassium and is super refreshing in this heat.
  3. Dried apple – full of only natural sugar!!
  4. Almonds – full of the healthy kind of fat and can help reduce heart disease.
  5. Greek Yoghurt - good amino acidy things that relieve tiredness.

One Hot Selfie Coming Up…

53c77ad0ce522_toast_FotorOkay, now I know we’re the selfie generation but it’s all going waaaaaay too far now girlies. My mate on Bingo showed me this, it’s a toaster that prints your face onto your toast so you can eat your own selfies. Totally the most ridiculous thing ever made!!

It’s the worlds first novelty toaster! It’s a bit of a faff though because you have to send your selfie to the US company and they set it all up for you, you can’t just connect it to your phone or nothing. Sounds completely stupid. How embarrassing would it be serving the guy who stayed over last night *wink wink* toast for breakfast with your own face on it. Have they even thought this through?

At £45 for the toaster, its a no from me. I’ll stick to my pink tesco toaster thanks!

My Latest Bingo Win

Last night at my local Mecca Bingo I won £250 (Eeeeeeeeeek! Still super excited!) and so today I did the obvious thing and spent it ALL! (Not on myself though LOL!) I took all my family and my three best girls for a meal at that new restaurant Carluccio’s. Had such a fabby time and the food was wonderful! It was nice to spend such quality time with everyone! Bingo‘s just the best!bingo_Fotor


But before that I went for a little shopping spree and brought myself those blazers I posted about the other day and some other essential summer goodies, from flip flops to some new sunnies! Then I went to my favey salon at the moment, Mandy’s Miracles and had my nails done and a spray tan! I need to start getting myself ready for my holiday in Marbs after all! Woop woop! It’s been a brilliant weekend so far and with the Soap Awards tomorrow it’s only gonna get better!!

All about me!

Hiya! Suzie here. After following the lives of a few beautiful and hilarious plus-size bloggers, I’ve decided to start my own blog and this is my first post, eeek Nervy B.

I’m gonna start off with a bit about me..

I’m from Billericay in Essex, the best place a girl could ever live. And like any true Essex babe, my family are my world.  I’m 24 and a size 18 but my dream is to change that to a size 10. I’m a self-confessed Bingo addict (if you couldn’t tell), loving my evenings spent on my favey Bingo site, the wonderful Mecca.


I’m a down to earth girl, I’ve got a heart of gold, and one day I WILL settle down with a fit man in a uniform. I love cats, especially my white long-haired beauty Frank, named after the beautiful Frank Lampard. I’ve attached a little picture. I am a self-confessed chocolaholic, Mark Wright lover and bargain hunter.

I’m also a big telly fan, and my favourite shows have to be TOWIE, The Kardashians, Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills,  Jeremy Kyle and of course ALL the soaps!

But be warned I only hate two things… rude people and snobs!

I think that’s everything you should know about me,

See you,