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Christmas Kindness!

ad_154858836_FotorCould this be the sweetest Christmas story ever? A woman walking around town in Manchester with her young daughter was given £200 on the street by a stranger in what seemed to be a random act of kindness. She did something equally lovely with the money buying a memorial for her grandmother, a ticket to be with her family at Christmas and donating the rest to a children’s charity present thing. I love how she didn’t just spend it all on shoes or a new dress for the Christmas party. I bet the man knew she’d use it well. It’s such a heart warming story ain’t it?

Maybe we should all try to do some random acts of kindness this Christmas? I know I haven’t got £200 to spare, but it’s not hard to hold a door open for someone, offer somebody the last box of crackers rather than nabbing it and running off in the supermarket or taking your neighbours round some home made mince pies.

I’m a Celebrity is Over :(

Gemma-Collins_FotorAs if I’m a celebrity is already over?! I swear it only just started! I’m so happy that foggy won, he was hilarious and I love love loved him! And as usual the final trials were great too! They had to eat lots of horrible things as per. It was all just fab and now I’m really sad its all over!

But The Only Way is Essexmas is on Wednesday and good old GC is back and she’ll be talking about how horrible the jungle was!! And it’s only 17 days till Christmas! It’s a good time to be Suzie right now!


Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! We had a tiny lil’ Thanksgiving feast at work today at lunch, it was so so cute. Not as cute as this video Heat posted earlier though! It’s a Tiny Hamster eating a Tiny Thanksgiving Dinner, ADORBS. How sweet is it?

In other news I can’t wait to go to Bingo tomorrow night with the girls, I have a good feeling I’m going to win. Wish me luck girlies!!

Lovely Lewis!

_74781761_winner_lewis_hamilton_getty_FotorDid anyone see Lewis Hamilton on Breakfast this morning? He was so cute!

I’m not a big F1 fan but I’m so happy for him! He seems like such a down to earth and normal guy! Plus he’s pretttttty fine!! When they showed when he ran and hugged Nicole it was so cute, I thought my heart might burst!

I’m just so JELLLYY,  where do I get a world champion racer boyf? :(

Aren’t Mums just Brill?

So after watching CIN last night I was already feeling a bit soppy and mopey and hating on how cruel life is this morning, and then I read this cute thing on Facebook. Its called 16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Mums For. It’s just beaut and everything it says is so so true! I love my Mum more than anything!

Guys, you should read this and realise how lucky you are and thank your mum everyday for just being so damn brilliant!

Joint Facebook’s are a no… right?

Please tell me this is some kind of joke? According to the Metro one in ten british couples has a joint Facebook account, and the most common reason for doing so is because of lack of trust.

None of my coupley friends have joint facebook accounts. In fact nobody I even know has one and I have a lot of Facebook friends. I love how even the poll on the Metro site says 81% wouldn’t ever have one. I am so grossed out that this is a thing. Not only is it super cringey and weird but the fact its because of lack of trust.. Newsflash: You shouldn’t be with someone if you don’t trust them.

Gahhh. Auntie Suzie really needs to sort these people out!!

The Most Beautiful Dress EVER?!

1413741476701_Image_galleryImage_ROME_ITALY_OCTOBER_19_Lil_FotorOMG Guys you are going to love this dress that Lily Collins wore to the Love Rosie Premiere! It is so beaut!! The dress is a wonderful mixture of shades of purple and has the right level of floaty that doesn’t make it look totally snobby. Plus the cutout bit at the top makes a bit more interesting and funky. I want this dress!

Not quite sure it’d look as good on my bigger body as it does on her tiny little frame but I want it anyway! Hopefully with my next bingo win hey?

Reminds me I’M GOING ON A DATE TOMORROW. Yes an actual date with an actual man.. to see Love Rosie! I am so excited! Will give you a lowdown tomorrow..

Be the Halloween Queen!

OMG The Metro had the most amazing article today about some awesome new Halloween costumes  by Morphsuits that you can now buy. They are moving t-shirts or costumes, so you can have a seemingly pumping heart under your skin or an eye moving around on your chest and all you need is an iPhone!! Maybe some things just need to be seen so watch the video, but OMG I have to get one of these. Me and my girlies love Halloween, we get proper into it, and I love trying costumes that aren’t just the obvy sexy zombie cheerleader or easy eyeliner cat woman ones! Awesomeeeeeeeee!

Moves like Jagger!

Best Friday morning feel good story ever!! One of those proper posh palace guardsmen from Buckingham Palace was caught dancing for tourists. They’re the ones that normally have to be really stiff and stubborn so this is really bad.

The video of this guy dancing is totally hilarious though, it’s amazing! I hope he doesn’t get in too much trouble for it, what a joker!

Especially skip to 2:25 ladies – the best bit by far!!!