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Love Rosie and THE DATE!

So I went to see Love Rosie last night on its opening night. The film was amazing! It was so cute and I loved the fact it wasn’t a really obvious storyline but it still had a cute ending! Watch the trailer and go see it!!

The date part.. not so great. It was with this guy from work.. awkward I know, what was I thinking? He moaned at me for checking my phone during the film and replying to a text.. HELLO!! I’m a socially connected girl!! He also took me to Mcdonalds after the film.. MCDONALDS GIRLS! I might give him another chance with a second date but I think he might’ve lost his chance. What do you think girlies?

Dan the Man!

Daniel-Radcliffe-pays-back-a-cab-fare-he-borrowed-two-years-ago_FotorAw did anyone hear this cute little story about Daniel Radcliffe paying back some Irish footballers who paid for a taxi for him? He said that he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t pay the boys back for getting him home that night and sent them 50 euros TWO YEARS LATER!

I don’t remember anything I did last week when I went out let alone two years ago!! What a fab guy good old Harry P is? Love him! Brings back faith in men after stories like what happened to poor old Lozza G!!

Freaky Facebook!

Mark-Zuckerberg_FotorOMG so I saw this article that says that Facebook has been probing into our minds secretly and its all kind of levels of creepy, freaky, weird and plain wrong. I know that it might be interesting in a weird sciencey point of view to weird sciencey people but I’d like to know that my mind is being probed first, thanks?!

The experiment manipulated almost 700,000 random users’ news feeds to study the effect it had on moods. What if I was one of those 700,000?! I’m always on Faceyb! Unsurprisingly this has caused an uproar, people are never gonna like being probed without permission. Somebody needs to tell Zuckerberg we’re not guinea pigs. Suzie for President!!

Make-you-Smile Monday


I might be sunning myself in Marbella, sipping cocktails but it doesn’t mean I can’t make all my lovely followers smile on a horrible, probably wet and murky Monday.

Meet 5 year old Hao (picture on the left), son of Ruifeng Fan, 33, from Taipei in Taiwan who made these amazing shorts and hat to help his son keep cool! 

And now the trend has caught on, with other people posting pictures of their own watermelon clothing online. One Dad even created a watermelon suit of armour complete with a helmet and watermelon sword (right).

So many levels of cute, I’m bursting with excitement to show you all this!


Revenge Is Sweet Steve!

dumped_FotorThis has got to be the best story I have heard in a long time. Steve Frazer, whoever you are, shame on you! It looks like this guy has been having an affair with two women, who’ve found out and had enough. But they got their comeback alright. Never mess with two newcastle women I tell ya.

The two girls put a banner across an A1 bridge to publicly shame the cheating dog. G’waan girlies. Thousands of people on their daily commute would have seen the sign and potentially quite a few people who knew the guy. Brilliant!  They even put a selfie of the two of them on the sign, just the icing on the cake. Well done girls!

All about me!

Hiya! Suzie here. After following the lives of a few beautiful and hilarious plus-size bloggers, I’ve decided to start my own blog and this is my first post, eeek Nervy B.

I’m gonna start off with a bit about me..

I’m from Billericay in Essex, the best place a girl could ever live. And like any true Essex babe, my family are my world.  I’m 24 and a size 18 but my dream is to change that to a size 10. I’m a self-confessed Bingo addict (if you couldn’t tell), loving my evenings spent on my favey Bingo site, the wonderful Mecca.


I’m a down to earth girl, I’ve got a heart of gold, and one day I WILL settle down with a fit man in a uniform. I love cats, especially my white long-haired beauty Frank, named after the beautiful Frank Lampard. I’ve attached a little picture. I am a self-confessed chocolaholic, Mark Wright lover and bargain hunter.

I’m also a big telly fan, and my favourite shows have to be TOWIE, The Kardashians, Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills,  Jeremy Kyle and of course ALL the soaps!

But be warned I only hate two things… rude people and snobs!

I think that’s everything you should know about me,

See you,