Would you celebrate your Divorce?

article-2694836-1F92FB1200000578-964_634x624_FotorDivorce is a difficult subject, I know that. And I also admit I come from a family where divorce is rare, but I don’t have a problem with it or anything. I do, however, think it seems really rather sad and depressing that some girls are so excited to divorce that they are celebrating with expensive custom made cakes and parties as described on the femail bit of the Daily Mail today.

I believe in love at first sight and I am a hopeless romantic at heart, I’ve always looked on the bright side of life. These cakes are so sad. It makes me want to cry that people’s marriages have turned THAT sour that they feel they have to turn to making a cake where it looks like they’re stabbing the groom or putting their ring and engagement ring in a graveyard. I know many of the men have cheated but you need to leave that scumbag behind and not even give him the time of day or the attention a cake like that gives. Whats wrong with just going out and getting blind drunk with your girlfriends?