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Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! We had a tiny lil’ Thanksgiving feast at work today at lunch, it was so so cute. Not as cute as this video Heat posted earlier though! It’s a Tiny Hamster eating a Tiny Thanksgiving Dinner, ADORBS. How sweet is it?

In other news I can’t wait to go to Bingo tomorrow night with the girls, I have a good feeling I’m going to win. Wish me luck girlies!!

Friends Reunion!

When my matesĀ told me about this I thought they had to be joking with me!! But they weren’t!! Eeeeeeeeek! An actual friends reunion happened on an american talk show the other day. How exciting! There’s been so much chat about this but nothing real.. till now!

Jennifer looks like there are a million places she’d rather be but its the closest thing I think we’ll ever get and I loved it! It’s a must watch you 80 and 90′s kiddies!

Watch it below!