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Baby News!!

Keira KnightleyNow you all know how I love baby bump news.. and rumours are flying around about the lovely Keira Knightley having a secret little baby bump! Awww my God I really hope this one is true…

I’ve been feeling all gooey and melty since Chloe and Elliot got back together on the brill TOWIE Christmas Special on Wednesday and this has just proper finished me off!! It’s so so so so so so SOOOO cute.

Beautiful Blue Ivy

beyonceblueivy2_FotorI may not be one to talk but some people do really need to get a life. The women who made a petition to “”save”” Blue Ivy’s hair (daughter of Beyonce and Jay-z) really really put my Bingo-playing, supermarket-working life into perspective and make it look great. I’m sorry but who has time for that? The petition was started on change.org and was signed by over 3.000 people who also clearly have nothing better to do than tell a 2 year old what to do about her hair. The petitioners claim that the youngsters hair is in bad condition and needs to be brushed and conditioned because it is beginning to become matted and get dreadlocks. I’m sorry but Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in the world and she knows what to do to her daughter’s hair. I personally think Blue Ivy is completely adorbs. It is sad that celebrities have to hide their babies from the press but its obvious when things like this come out! Everyone needs to chill their beans and play some Bingo and stop worrying about a 2 year olds hair in my opinion..