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Baby News!!

Keira KnightleyNow you all know how I love baby bump news.. and rumours are flying around about the lovely Keira Knightley having a secret little baby bump! Awww my God I really hope this one is true…

I’ve been feeling all gooey and melty since Chloe and Elliot got back together on the brill TOWIE Christmas Special on Wednesday and this has just proper finished me off!! It’s so so so so so so SOOOO cute.

A Perfect Morning!

23_FotorAww did anyone see my baby Frank Lampard on BBC Breakfast this morning? It was such a treat, forget breakfast in bed! I was well miffed about being up for work this morning and then I saw his little face and suddenly everything was okay again – yay!!

He was talking about his new children’s book he’s just published. Who knew he was well clever as well as fit?  I am so impressed!! If I ever have a son he is gonna read every single one of Frankie’s books. He was talking about his daughters as well and how he reads to them – it was soooo cute!! Love you Frank!

If you missed it you can watch it all here.. (I may have watched it.. a few times!)

More Bey-Be’s!!!

54156966d02cf_INVL_15_FotorI am so excited by these solid rumours that Beyonce’s having a new baby with Jay-Z! Oh my goodness, all these babies I can’t cope!!

Apparently Jay-Z swapped the lines in his song Beach Is Better to include “cos she’s pregnant with another one” and everyones taking that as real proof, eeeek. God, the fans must have been listening hard to catch that one, I’d have been way too drunk (in love hehe) to hear that!!

Can’t wait for this all to be confirmed, eeeeek!


Royal baby number two!!

Royal-baby-leaves-hospital-_FotorI’m sure you all heard the news and were wondering why I haven’t posted about it yet, me being such a royal lover and all, BUT I didn’t know!! My so-called mother never told me the biggest news ever, but now I do know and I’m so so HAPPPPPPPPPPS! Yay! Princess Kate is having another baby!

It’s had to be announced early again because of the horrible morning sickness Kate suffers but I actually can’t wait. Her and William seem so happy and baby George would be too if he knew what was going on yet! Ahhh I love babies!!

OMG PLEASE BE A GIRL PLEASE BE A GIRL! And you know Kate… Princess Suzanne has a good ring to it? ;)

Daddy Dan!

1408357411_Dan-Osborne-1,-Teddy,-son,-baby-boy,-second-child,-second-baby,-new-portrait,-instagram_FotorSo who else LOVED the news that TOWIE’s Dan Osborne – aka. one of the most beautiful men in the world, but not beating my beautiful Lampard or Mr Wright of course – is having another baby! And not only just having another baby, but with one of my favourite Eastenders stars. I am so excited!!

Apparently not everyone is though according to OK! which is sad. Dan’s ex is getting a bit heated and its all a bit emosh and sad over there. But I for one am happy for them both. Congratulations guys!

Happy Birthday Prince George!

OMG I am sorry about ANOTHER baby spam, but how could I post about anything else? Happy birthday to the cutest royal I know, little George. I hope you had a lush day and were spoilt with toys and treats and I’m sure you were.

The news has been crazy buzzing today with pictures and summaries of George’s first year and I found this little fact file of facts about baby George from gtcreate.co.uk. (Any of you who thought I could make stuff like that seriously overestimate the power of Suzie.)




PS. Dear George, please tell Mummy to hurry up with baby number 2, George. You need a little sister called Suzie right? ;)

It’s Make-you-smile Monday Again!!

127474_FotorYou know me, I love a cute post? And since hints of TOWIE’s Arg and Lydia‘s love is still in the air, I’m feeling very optimistic about life. I mean if Lydia will do the naughty with Arg, what can’t be done in this world?

Anyway back to what I actually wanted to post about. The world’s cutest Dad has taken pictures of his boys every month in the most creative ways he could think of. Here are two of my favourites but to see more read the article here. If these cheeky monkeys don’t make you smile I don’t know what will!!
Screenshot 2014-07-21 17_Fotor

Another Royal Baby?!

53c45a4a3e746_wenn21296532_FotorNow I know I must be coming across as the most broody young woman in the world right now but seriously I think the birth of a second royal baby will just push me over the edge. Especially if it’s a girl.

Rumours are crazy that Princess Kate is expecting baby number two just weeks after George’s birthday. YESSSSSSSSS!!

I couldn’t be more excited, I just hope the gossip mags are really really true!!! Apparently the news has come from within Kate’s inner source which is kind of sad, I’d hate for my BFFL’s to reveal secrets like that about me if I was a princess :( I know my gals wouldn’t though because they’re loyal!


Brilliant News!

1404802013_Billie-Faiers-gives-birth-labour-preparations-glamour-TOWIE-Sam-Faiers_FotorSo I came home from sunny Marbs, man-less (sadly!) to rainy rainy Essex, and needless to say holiday blues were in FULL FORCE.

But do not fear I cheered up miraculously when I heard the brillio news that Billie Faiers has given birth to a healthy and beautiful little girl. I tell ya one thing It’s made me proper broody! The little girl has not yet had her name released to the wider public or any photographs but I will be googling every minute till I can find out. I’m so excited! Well down Billie, I hope we get to see her little highness on TOWIE sometime soon!

Now to catch up with all the TV and gossip I’ve missed, it’s good to be back!

Marry Me Mario

Everybody loves a bit of Mario Falcone. Everyone. But OK! just took it to painful levels today and I am far from okay! The article shows THE most adorable pictures of Mario and his newborn nephew, Buzz (son of Mcfly singer, Tom Fletcher of course!) Look and weep, ladies, look and weep! Now if that doesn’t make you broody I don’t know what would. Better get back to my Bingo before the length of time I’ve been staring gets beyond creepy.. Ooops!

1399537716_Mario-Falcone-baby-Buzz-nephew-TOWIE-pictures 1399537775_Mario-Falcone-baby-Buzz-nephew-TOWIE-pictures-Giovana-Fletcher