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Don’t Tell The Bride is Back!

dont-tell-the-bride_940x705_FotorIf like me, and most people, you were gutted that Don’t Tell The Bride had been cancelled have no fear, its been announced it’s coming back to BBC ONE! YES! So it’s moving on up, not being scrapped, woohoo! We can all continue to judge weddings and make snidey comments about bridezillas for a lot longer.

This time around there’ll be a slight twist too according to Heat – all the brides will be aged between 30 and 55, and their grooms will be slightly older too. I love this though. It’s just showing that it doesn’t matter if you’re getting older and still not in any sight of solid hubby material, not even a glimpse, not even a glimmer mate. It’s all good, there’s still a chance.

I can’t wait for it to start!

Children in Need!

children_in_need_slide_main_FotorIt’s that beautiful, slightly teary, both happy and sad, time of the year again. Tonight is Children In Need. I hope you can all give as much as you can tonight, just as I will be. You can donate here. I’ve gathered all my beaut family and friends round for a banging pudsey celebration. We’re gonna watch all the hilarious stuff on the tv till early in the morning, eat our lush takeaway and celebrate how lucky and happy and healthy we all are, because we don’t do that enough you know!

I am definitely gonna do a sponsored silence next year! Or some kind of crazy sponsored haircut like Jessie J did! I would love to do that! What do you guys think I could do to raise money?

Cutest story ever?

Okay, guys, I am about to hit you with one of the cutest stories I’m pretty sure all of you have ever heard. Meet Roger, the sick cat who got better by watching The Great British Bake Off! I don’t watch GBBO anymore myself, Paul does my head in, give me a bit of TOWIE anyday.

BUT still this is SO SO cute and definitely worth a watch! The video shows Roger running in to catch the Bake Off as soon as he hears the theme tune! His owner thinks GBBO has definitely helped him to get through his hard time after he tragically got his leg caught in his collar. Adorbs!!


frank_lampard_03_FotorSo all my family are gathering in the pub tonight to watch the England v. Peru match! I’m not normally that much of a footie girl, but obviously when the boys are out to play everyone has to come together! I’m hoping to see them get a confident win! And maybe have a few drinkies along the way… ;)

I just know we’d do 100% better with my Lampard on the team but it’s okay they can bring him on, and they probably should! He’d always be on the team if I had my say! The best bit of the football is watching them run around in their sexy shorts (him especially, and Gerrard!) Bring on the World Cup that’s all I can say.

See why haven’t I got a husband yet? Such good wifey material!