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Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars!

Unknown_FotorSo today’s the first of December, we’re officially only 25 days away from Christmas ladies!! And more importantly we’re at advent time! Now whilst I love my choccy advent calendar, I also know that the chocolate doesn’t love me or my body! :(

But this article from Huffington Post has some amazeee advent calendars with no chocolate in them! Tesco are doing a beauty advent calendar like Benefits (but thankfully cheaper!!) with a different beauty product in it every day! Or there’s also a snazzy nail polish one! Might have to get me one of these!!

Nailed it!

nrm_1410432468-miss-sporty-peel-off-base-coat-2_FotorI have found something so SUPER CRAZY EEEEEK exciting for you ladies! You are gonna loveeee me! it will mean no need for any more smelly, skin damaging, easily spilt nail polish remover! It will be gone!

And you know how we all LOVE our glitter… but its almost impossible to get off at any real speed. Well this will also stop that, it’s heaven sent I swear! What is it you say? Alright, alright I’ll tell yaaa…

It’s a peel off nail polish that sets like a sticker so you can just peel it and any layers you put on top off. It’s amazing!! And you can get a Miss Sporty version for like just under £3 HEAVEEEEEEN!

Benefit Beauty Exclusive!

Benefit-Theyre-Real-Push-Up-Liner_lash-hugging-gel-liner-pen_FotorGuess who’s got a beauty exclusive for my favey Bingo lovers!


Benefit’s across the UK – not just for us Essex babes – are doing an amazing thing where you can go and take in your old eyeliner bottles and swap them for their new eyeliner they’ve just released!! I did mine yesterday and tried the product and its amazing and you can take any old bottle in whether its empty, full or ten years old! Brilliant!

Pixie Perfect!

1408286591368_wps_1_Pandora_Pixi2_Event_LowRe_FotorLook how beautiful Pixie Lott looks in her new photos for Pandora, talk about inspo and woman crush wednesday. She’s showing us blondes how it should be done.

Her make-up is so natural too and she still looks completely perfect. Plus when you actually get past that beautiful face and body and get to the rings they are also absolutely perfect too. Well done Pandora!

Probably wouldn’t look as elegant on my fat fingers but hey? A girl wouldn’t mind being treated should anyone so wish… *ahem*

Bizarre Beauty Treatments!

130497_FotorNow I know us women can get pretty desperate in pursuit of the perfect look. I know I would try almost anything to lose weight, get rid of my odd spots and just to glow a bit more – no my fake tan isn’t enough!! But there is  a line that all women shouldn’t cross but some celebs do. Here’s a few weird treatments that some celebs have tried!

Vampire Facials - Celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Dannii Minogue have all tried this awful treatment that sounds like something out of a horror film! Blood is taken from your arm, mixed around to separate the cells and injected back into your face, and this apparently rejuvenates the skin. Sorry but EWWWW!

Corset Diet - This treatment has been revived from the old days. Jessica Alba reveals she wore a double corset “day and night” for three months after giving birth to give her a slimmer figure by tightening the rib cage.

Leech Therapy – The Leeches suck the blood helping to detoxify it and to help the skin look younger. I’d rather not have bugs all over me thanks!!


Love it Lily!

Lily-Allen_FotorI am absolutely loving Lily Allen’s festival hair for Glastonbury posted in the Mirror today!!

The hair is a multicoloured mixture of pinks, oranges, blues and purples – it is beautiful. And teamed with those pink watermelon shorts (which I need for when I’m a size 10, tell me where I can get them guys!) it is just her greatest look yet!

Do you think it would suit me? I’m not sure it would but I would absolutely love it anyway! Who knows, if I have another proper Bingo win soon I might just have to pop into the salon and treat myself, woo woo!

Styles’ Smelly Spot Solution

I get spots like anybody, and I’ve tried many crazy things to get rid of them, but Harry Styles has taken it one step too far in my opinion. Bird poo facials.

harry-styles-without-makeup-1_FotorThis may sound like some kind of joke, but The Daily Mail reported yesterday that Harry has been paying up to £100 to have bird poo rubbed on his face in preparation for his up and coming world tour. The facial, which comes from Japan, is apparently a celebrity favourite! I’m sorry Daily Mail writers but I can’t imagine Angelina Jolie getting poo smeared on her face no matter what you say.

Now as much as I love a bit of 1D, especially in the background when I’m playing my bingo, I’m not sure I’ll be rushing out to join the craze like all those crazy girl fans with too much money undoubtedly will.