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X-tremely Hot Factor!

Ben-Haenow_FotorI was so happy with the X Factor result last night! The gorgeous Ben totally deserved to win and he kept making me burst into tears the whole night because he was so cute! Especially when they did the messages about his family, awwww!

And to top the whole night off I only went and won some money whilst watching from the Bingo X Factor games they have! It was the best best best night ever!!

Now I just need Ben under my tree with his beautiful eyes, pretty please Santa?

Bring your Bestie!

I_Heart_Bingo-jpg-1024x1024_FotorA little heads up for all my fellow Bingo buddies!!! (Don’t say I don’t give you anything girlies!)

If you bring a friend who isn’t a member of the club already you get a FREE main meal and dessert!! Me and my friend had no idea, and it was such a nice little surprise for us when we went at the weekend! The food was lush too.. my diet went well out the window but it’s fine to treat yourself sometimes right?! It was beaut, neither of us won much but we had a great night and made back at least everything we spent! And we met some other girls who were new to Bingo and needed my expert advice obviously. We’re meeting them there next Sunday for the Sunday deal the club have got going on at the moment.

So many Bingo plans coming up! Love it!!

Alternatively, I’ve started playing online games at SuperCasino – try it out, it’s awesome and such a time killer!!!

Top Tips for Bingo Fans

6481757597_b919488c76_z_FotorIt’s not just a game, it’s a sport, it’s a serious way of winning cold hard cash and having fun all at the same time. Bingo. It’s not as easy as it looks. Come into any Bingo hall and you can feel the tension, this is no “”game””. Here are your Auntie Suzie’s top tips for not just playing Bingo but winning it:

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Bingo Win!!

Screenshot 2014-10-21 21_FotorOMG so I had the best weekend ever girls. I had a bit of a Mecca bingo binge on both friday and saturday nights.. with different groups of friends that’s alright ain’t it? AND I WON on both nights.

The first night was only like a tenner but the second night I won nearly a hundred pound. So I took me and the girlies out for some drinks and on Sunday treated myself to this stunning, gorgey ring from Pandora that I’d wanted for a while. It is so beaut! Eeeeeek!

Magic Mecca Mondays!


Finally everyone, today I got an email about a secret something to make your Mondays better!! This is why Mecca will always be my favey Bingo place!

On monday evenings in Mecca’s Turbo 90 room, every time you buy two tickets, they’ll give you a third free! And the more tickets you get, the greater the discount!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it hehe… see you there!

Suzie’s been slacking!

Southend_FotorSorry for the lack of posting over the weekend. I hope you all had fabulous long weekends.

I went on a bit of a spontaneous long weekend to Southend with my family and it felt wonderful! I recommend it highly!! Me and my Mum spent our days at the Beach and our evenings at the bingo and I had some big wins! It was Suzie heaven I tell you.

I ate too much, I drunk too much, I saw some very hunky men with their tops off. It was beaut. Why can’t every weekend be three days long? It will all be back to normal tomorrow though I promise!

Grab a Grand!

I_Heart_Bingo-jpg-1024x1024_FotorOoooh yeah! Mecca haven’t let us down again girls, just sharing the love as I do! If you get on Mecca’s online website you have the chance to grab a grand every day up until the end of the weekend! All you have to do is spend a fiver and you get entered into the prize draw, that’s literally it, no other effort. There’s not just the grand too there’s other cool prizes. One of my mates won an iPad, the other a £100 worth of Love To Shop vouchers!!

I haven’t won anything just yet but I’ve still got a good couple of days to get my Bingo on, you can’t win ‘em all but hey maybe one of you’s might get lucky! And if you win the grand remember who told you, yeah?


It’s Make-you-smile Monday Again!!

127474_FotorYou know me, I love a cute post? And since hints of TOWIE’s Arg and Lydia‘s love is still in the air, I’m feeling very optimistic about life. I mean if Lydia will do the naughty with Arg, what can’t be done in this world?

Anyway back to what I actually wanted to post about. The world’s cutest Dad has taken pictures of his boys every month in the most creative ways he could think of. Here are two of my favourites but to see more read the article here. If these cheeky monkeys don’t make you smile I don’t know what will!!
Screenshot 2014-07-21 17_Fotor

Bye bye Lay-ins, hello Bingo wins!!

I_Heart_Bingo-jpg-1024x1024_FotorYou know me, I love my Bingo. And being an Essex gal I’m loyal to my brands… River Island, Topshop, Mecca… And surprise surprise they never let me down. Once again they gave me a perfect surprise to come home to, free games of Bingo! Like absolutely free. You can win up to £300 a day without even spending one penny ladies. I love a bargain me!!

Downsides are you have to get on really early, 8 til 9 am, I mean my lay ins are ruined, but I normally drag my lappy into bed with me and just play from the comfort of my own bed. If you’re a serious Bingo-er you have to make serious sacrifices. Even I’d lose sleep for the chance to win 300 quid and there are less people on there so even more of a chance to win, so shh don’t tell your friends.



Va Va June

kia-picanto-fuschia-blush_FotorJust a heads up for my favourite Bingo lovers! Don’t say I don’t treat you guys! Mecca Bingo are offering a brilliant chance to win a brand spanking new Kia Picanto. I don’t know about you guys but a new car will never go amiss! It’s awesome!

And it’s super easy to enter! All you have to do is enter the code ‘VAVAJUNE’ into the bonuses section of your account and then spend £20 before next Friday. Mecca will then invite you personally into their free Firecracker Room on that Saturday.  It’s in this time you get to play for £1,000 between 9pm to 10pm and in the final game you get a chance to win the car if you call full house. It’s gonna be so much fun, why not come join me?! Or better still don’t so I can win the car to myself tehe!