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Poor Lyds!!

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorPoor Lyds from TOWIE! She’s just found out her bestie is a complete and utter snitch! She posted on instagram today about how her long term best friend had betrayed her and all her friends, including our Arg, by telling stories directly to the press after Lydia opened up to her.

It’s especially bad that she outed that Arg will be in rehab for christmas and has been suspended from TOWIE under investigation. That girl seems so two faced to be able to do that! I feel so sorry for Lyds, I don’t know how I’d feel if my girls ratted me out like that. Thinking of you girl x

Oooh Kimmy!



Kim K West does it again. That woman is on fire! We have a very love hate relationship but even I must admit these pictures are HOT!! PaperMag the american magazine who took the pictures wanted to “break the internet” and they so have, I have seen SO much of this picture today. Her bum.. oh wow..

Is it real, is it fake, what do you think gals?



Kirk Norcross, Lauren PopeI am so happy I could burst!! I have some true essex gossip for you!! Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope from TOWIE are back together *cue girly scream and so much excitement* I am so excited for the two of them, they were one of my favourite couples on the show when it first started!

And after everything Lauren has been through with Lewis recently, this couldn’t have come at a better time for her! Do I hear wedding bells already? I DO!!! Susie’s so excited!!!

Put it away Goodger!

lauren-goodger-marina-laslo-concert_FotorI know I stood up for Lauren Goodger a while ago but my Essex cat claws are well and truly  out again. Clearly Miss Goodger thinks the whole world wants to see her chest ALLA THE TIME!!

Newsflash girl, we don’t. We don’t need to be scrolling down our news feeds or reading the gossip pages and see another obvious selfie that’s purely to show off your boobs. I’m not even going to put the selfie I’m complaining about on here ITS THAT BAD, but you can see it here if you really want to (I warn its not pretty!) (I told you!!) (Don’t blame me!!)

The Most Beautiful Dress EVER?!

1413741476701_Image_galleryImage_ROME_ITALY_OCTOBER_19_Lil_FotorOMG Guys you are going to love this dress that Lily Collins wore to the Love Rosie Premiere! It is so beaut!! The dress is a wonderful mixture of shades of purple and has the right level of floaty that doesn’t make it look totally snobby. Plus the cutout bit at the top makes a bit more interesting and funky. I want this dress!

Not quite sure it’d look as good on my bigger body as it does on her tiny little frame but I want it anyway! Hopefully with my next bingo win hey?

Reminds me I’M GOING ON A DATE TOMORROW. Yes an actual date with an actual man.. to see Love Rosie! I am so excited! Will give you a lowdown tomorrow..

Insane Amy!

149299_FotorOMG shut up! According to The Daily Star Amy Willerton, aka. one of the slimmest, hottest girls on the planet, has recently had treatment worth £600 to freeze her fat on her thighs. People on twitter were giving her hate about her thighs in a photo she took at Chelsea Flower Show.

I’m sorry but were these people blind or crazy? Amy is so freaking hot, and especially so in that picture because her legs aren’t stupidly thin! Gaaah things like this make Suzie a very angry sister!!


Oh Josie!

Josie-Cunningham-and-Curtis-Davies_FotorJust how do these crazy crazy things keep happening to this Josie Cunningham woman?! I can’t work out if she’s really clever for keeping herself in the public eye or just really really really stupid!!

She reckons she was tricked into thinking she was going out with a professional footballer for like 18 months and that he was the father of her child… Come off it? I know the guy is a first class idiot for leading her on but really Josie really?!

I mean theres been many a time I thought I’d bumped into a professional footballer and he’d fallen in love with me… but sadly for Suzie, it was only a dream. One day eh girls? ;)

Leave Lauren Alone!

lauren-goodger-marina-laslo-concert_FotorRight guys.. I’m gonna do something that will only happen ONCE and I mean ONCE okay? I am about to defend Lauren Goodger..

WOW I know. But when things get tough us Essex girlies really stick together.

In this article on the Mirror they said that her ex posted a tweet sayingAhhhh happy birthday to the biggest let down I no @LaurenGoodger keep it up girl your doing great #tramp” and then posted two outrageously private pictures of her!! Does this not just ruin any faith you had in men? What a prick! 

I think he needs to leave her alone and just move on. She obviously trusted him with pics like that and for him to share them is just so disrespectful. Get a life mate!!

Bear’s Bare Proposal

1402996315_Michelle-Keegan-Bear-Grylls-tv-reality-programme-survival-ITV_FotorOMG Guys! Did anyone watch that documentary on Bear Gryll’s – the Piers Morgan life stories one? It was sooooo good! I loved it!

But afterwards I did a general google and OMG he proposed to his wife when they were skinny dipping and because he had no pockets to put the ring in, he stored it…eeek… elsewhere…? Yep, whatever your thinking IT CAN’T BE… it is!!

I don’t know if I’m disgusted or impressed by his commitment. I think the less said about it.. the better.. but either way if he proposed to me I wouldn’t say no.. fittie!!!

CHAZ are back!

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Gaz Beadle, Gary BeadleGaz and Charlotte are back together.. well rumoured to be.. and that’s enough for us Geordie Shore fans! Forget Mitch Charlotte, forget the past and get youse back together again, ya know what I mean?

Okay, pet, I know that was the worst Geordie “accent” ever but seriously I am just too excited about this man. The pair have been on and off more times than a light switch but not in that annoying Charlie and Ferne way but one where we all secretly want them to get together no matter what! The parsnip was just too much to resist!

Fingers crossed he wasn’t just “looking after her as a friend” or some rubbish. I’d be gutted. Oh well next episode of Geordie Shore will no doubt reveal it all eeeek!