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Poor Lyds!!

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorPoor Lyds from TOWIE! She’s just found out her bestie is a complete and utter snitch! She posted on instagram today about how her long term best friend had betrayed her and all her friends, including our Arg, by telling stories directly to the press after Lydia opened up to her.

It’s especially bad that she outed that Arg will be in rehab for christmas and has been suspended from TOWIE under investigation. That girl seems so two faced to be able to do that! I feel so sorry for Lyds, I don’t know how I’d feel if my girls ratted me out like that. Thinking of you girl x

Kelly’s Mystery Man!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 16_FotorSo Heat have been showing off fabulous photos today of Kelly Brook with a very very lush new man and I don’t know who he is but he is rugged and rough in all the right ways. Apparently he’s a male model, definitely a step up from her old boyf, even if he was all muscles!!

I’m glad to see Kelly looking happy again though, she’s like me she never has any luck choosing the right men! Also completely aside I am LOVING that pink jumper, I need it right now! Preferably with a nice man like that attached, please, Santa?!

I’m A Celeb is back!!

Gemma-Collins_FotorI was so excited last night to find out I’m a Celeb was back on, I’d completely forgot till Mum told me.  Such a ditz sometimes!

How brill was it though?! Love Gemma, she’s mental bless her! I feel like she’s really gonna struggle in the jungle but if she hangs on in there, I think it’ll be the best thing ever to happen to her! I’m fangirling for you Gem!!

Also how cool is it that Tinchy’s on there? I loved his songs! I just can’t wait for this series to get properly going! Although it’ll never be as good again as when my baby Mark Wright was on it! Miss you Mark!


Oooh Kimmy!



Kim K West does it again. That woman is on fire! We have a very love hate relationship but even I must admit these pictures are HOT!! PaperMag the american magazine who took the pictures wanted to “break the internet” and they so have, I have seen SO much of this picture today. Her bum.. oh wow..

Is it real, is it fake, what do you think gals?


Daddy Dan!

1408357411_Dan-Osborne-1,-Teddy,-son,-baby-boy,-second-child,-second-baby,-new-portrait,-instagram_FotorSo who else LOVED the news that TOWIE’s Dan Osborne – aka. one of the most beautiful men in the world, but not beating my beautiful Lampard or Mr Wright of course – is having another baby! And not only just having another baby, but with one of my favourite Eastenders stars. I am so excited!!

Apparently not everyone is though according to OK! which is sad. Dan’s ex is getting a bit heated and its all a bit emosh and sad over there. But I for one am happy for them both. Congratulations guys!

Are you taking the mickey Ricci?

lauren-goodger-marina-laslo-concert_FotorSo has anyone else been following this ridiculous storyline (I am calling it a storyline it’s that unbelievable) where Ricci from Geordie Shore, has declared his love on Celebrity Big Brother for Lauren Goodger of all people. Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t see the appeal? Desperation must be setting in.

She’s clearly not over Mark anyway, her incessant commenting about him is just getting totally ridiculous. I hope Mark and Michelle are just ignoring her. I told you all it wouldn’t be long before she piped up about it.

But she’s not the only vindictive ex. Vicky from Geordie Shore has also been sparking off warning Lauren to stay away from Ricci because he’s jealous and aggressive when drunk. I can see this all ending in a right mess, with fake tans and make-up aplenty, and that’s just Ricci’s side of it.

CHAZ are back!

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Gaz Beadle, Gary BeadleGaz and Charlotte are back together.. well rumoured to be.. and that’s enough for us Geordie Shore fans! Forget Mitch Charlotte, forget the past and get youse back together again, ya know what I mean?

Okay, pet, I know that was the worst Geordie “accent” ever but seriously I am just too excited about this man. The pair have been on and off more times than a light switch but not in that annoying Charlie and Ferne way but one where we all secretly want them to get together no matter what! The parsnip was just too much to resist!

Fingers crossed he wasn’t just “looking after her as a friend” or some rubbish. I’d be gutted. Oh well next episode of Geordie Shore will no doubt reveal it all eeeek!

CBB Launch Tonight!

Is anyone else super excited for tonight’s launch? It’s always the best night of the CBB series, watching them all go in, and the line up this year looks amazing!

I’m excited to find out about this mysterious blonde that disappeared at the last minute too and sent shockwaves through everyone working alauren-goodger-marina-laslo-concert_Fotort Channel 5. I wonder why they’re having to hold it together, it must be an interesting bunch.

It’s the battle of the reality TV shows again though with ex-Geordie Shore man, Ricci,  Made in Chelsea star Stephanie Pratt and that awful Lauren Goodger woman… AND for once I don’t want the Essex girl to win.

Ten quid says she moans about Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan within the first few days of being in there… Did someone say bitter?

Mental Miley at it again!


Oh man! Miley what is wrong with you? I don’t care if you were drunk, desperate, stuck in a car jam or whatever… no, and I mean NO classy lady squats in a bush. And if they do HAVE TO they don’t post a picture of it on instagram. Oh Miley.

OMG so far gone are the days where that girl was one of my biggest inspirations.. I was deffo a Hannah Montanna fan!

I mean I want women to be free of their inhibitions but Miley just takes it too far sometimes! She shared that photo with 11 million followers.. 11 MILLION! If my Ma saw a pic of me like that she’d go mental!! Crazyness..

Lindsay Loving!

Lindsay-2JPG_FotorOMG Lindsay Lohan is gonna write an autobiography according to Heat, and it might be ghost written by the woman who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey. Is this not the best news we’ve heard all week?! Is this not the best news we’ve heard all year?!

I love Lindsay I’ve posted about her a lot in the past and I really support her in getting better. I think this book would be an amazing way for her to put the past behind her. Not to mention she’s promised us saucy stories and sex scandals… HELL YEAH!

I just really hope its true!