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Kirk Norcross, Lauren PopeI am so happy I could burst!! I have some true essex gossip for you!! Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope from TOWIE are back together *cue girly scream and so much excitement* I am so excited for the two of them, they were one of my favourite couples on the show when it first started!

And after everything Lauren has been through with Lewis recently, this couldn’t have come at a better time for her! Do I hear wedding bells already? I DO!!! Susie’s so excited!!!

Let the bride, meet the groom.

PAY-Adele-Vellacott-and-Dave-Cobain_FotorAwww how cute! Everyone loves a bit of Take Me Out on a saturday night, but to know its actually making happy lives is just the sweetest thing! You know me, I loveeee a good wedding, and these pictures of a couple who got together on Take Me Out getting married are just adorbs!

I absolutely love her dress and their son is so perfect!! Do you think they invited Paddy along for the service? I would.

Hey, maybe I should get myself on the show, whaddya think Ladies? Let the Suzie, meet the man of her dreams?

Hollywood’s Cutest


Now we know celebs “”hate”” being papped no matter how fame hogging they are. Today Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield took shying away from the paps to a new level and managed to do a good deed in the process. They held up signs saying they had noticed the paps whilst eating. The signs then go on to explain that they feel that they have had enough attention already and there were charities that deserved it more. But they didn’t leave it there, they went on to write out the URL’s of each charity. I bet Kimye are devestated they didn’t think of that level of couple cuteness. If Andrew and Emma weren’t already the cutest couple in the world, they definitely are now. Using your fame to do good is what it is all about at the end of the day! Some good karma is deffo coming their way!