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Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! We had a tiny lil’ Thanksgiving feast at work today at lunch, it was so so cute. Not as cute as this video Heat posted earlier though! It’s a Tiny Hamster eating a Tiny Thanksgiving Dinner, ADORBS. How sweet is it?

In other news I can’t wait to go to Bingo tomorrow night with the girls, I have a good feeling I’m going to win. Wish me luck girlies!!

Tom-the best husband ever-Fletcher!

screen-shot-2014-11-03-at-144847_FotorThis picture of Buzz Fletcher and his daddy Tom Fletcher is just the cutest thing! Look at Buzz’s little face! The beautiful Mario from TOWIE posted this picture of his nephew and brother-in-law and captioned it “best picture ever” he’s so right!! Why aren’t my nieces and nephews this cool? When I have my babies they are gonna be this cute and even cuter! I promise!!

Crazy cat woman heaven!

Now everybody knows I’m a forever-alone-crazy-cat-lady at heart! One of my favey girlies sent me this  from the Metro – “9 places all cat-lovers need to visit before they die” It is brilliant!! I’m gonna put my all into going to each one deffo! Who’s cominmoscow-cat-theatre_Fotorg with me?

Top 3 I am so excited about are:

  • Stray Cat Hostel - Why stay in a normal Turkish hostel when you can stay in a moggy-themed one that includes lots of cute stray cats?
  • Hello Kitty town – Love a bit of Hello Kitty!!
  • Brother Cream – A cat who runs his own shop?! What could be more exciting!

Broody Bridezillas!

53d26df799b03_173579305_FotorSorry I haven’t posted for a few days, I won some money at the Bingo on Friday night and spent the weekend in a state of drunken bliss with my girlies and then hungover hill for the end of it – the best kind of weekends.

Saw this today on the Daily Star. It has been reported that more women than ever are planning their wedding when they don’t even have a groom.. OMG I can admit I am totally GUILTY of this! I love how it even says 1,000 women even had the ring picked out before they met their groom, that is so me!

A few of my friends are engaged and I just get so jealous having wedmin (wedding admin) chats with them! I always think how I would do it if it was my big day – I’m talking big dress, big hair, a castle (think Katie’s marriage to Peter Andre but with more taste!!). I think I’d go baby blue and pastel pink for my wedding colours and have everyone I’ve ever met there!

See I’m sorted, all I need now is my groom.. any takers? Mark Wright?


Happy Birthday Prince George!

OMG I am sorry about ANOTHER baby spam, but how could I post about anything else? Happy birthday to the cutest royal I know, little George. I hope you had a lush day and were spoilt with toys and treats and I’m sure you were.

The news has been crazy buzzing today with pictures and summaries of George’s first year and I found this little fact file of facts about baby George from gtcreate.co.uk. (Any of you who thought I could make stuff like that seriously overestimate the power of Suzie.)




PS. Dear George, please tell Mummy to hurry up with baby number 2, George. You need a little sister called Suzie right? ;)

It’s Make-you-smile Monday Again!!

127474_FotorYou know me, I love a cute post? And since hints of TOWIE’s Arg and Lydia‘s love is still in the air, I’m feeling very optimistic about life. I mean if Lydia will do the naughty with Arg, what can’t be done in this world?

Anyway back to what I actually wanted to post about. The world’s cutest Dad has taken pictures of his boys every month in the most creative ways he could think of. Here are two of my favourites but to see more read the article here. If these cheeky monkeys don’t make you smile I don’t know what will!!
Screenshot 2014-07-21 17_Fotor

Hollywood’s Cutest


Now we know celebs “”hate”” being papped no matter how fame hogging they are. Today Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield took shying away from the paps to a new level and managed to do a good deed in the process. They held up signs saying they had noticed the paps whilst eating. The signs then go on to explain that they feel that they have had enough attention already and there were charities that deserved it more. But they didn’t leave it there, they went on to write out the URL’s of each charity. I bet Kimye are devestated they didn’t think of that level of couple cuteness. If Andrew and Emma weren’t already the cutest couple in the world, they definitely are now. Using your fame to do good is what it is all about at the end of the day! Some good karma is deffo coming their way!

Marry Me Mario

Everybody loves a bit of Mario Falcone. Everyone. But OK! just took it to painful levels today and I am far from okay! The article shows THE most adorable pictures of Mario and his newborn nephew, Buzz (son of Mcfly singer, Tom Fletcher of course!) Look and weep, ladies, look and weep! Now if that doesn’t make you broody I don’t know what would. Better get back to my Bingo before the length of time I’ve been staring gets beyond creepy.. Ooops!

1399537716_Mario-Falcone-baby-Buzz-nephew-TOWIE-pictures 1399537775_Mario-Falcone-baby-Buzz-nephew-TOWIE-pictures-Giovana-Fletcher