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Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars!

Unknown_FotorSo today’s the first of December, we’re officially only 25 days away from Christmas ladies!! And more importantly we’re at advent time! Now whilst I love my choccy advent calendar, I also know that the chocolate doesn’t love me or my body! :(

But this article from Huffington Post has some amazeee advent calendars with no chocolate in them! Tesco are doing a beauty advent calendar like Benefits (but thankfully cheaper!!) with a different beauty product in it every day! Or there’s also a snazzy nail polish one! Might have to get me one of these!!

Feeling Inspired

I am feeling inspired today by the beautiful Chanelle Hayes! After receiving hate from the press and other snobby minor celebrities about her weight, Chanelle has been posing in The Mirror with a cardboard cut-out of her former size 14 self. She’s got abs of steel and a tan to be truly jel of! Chanelle-Hayes_Fotor

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling for years to get my weight down and this woman is a true inspiration. She used Trim Secrets diet plan and supplements to get down to her now slim and toned size 8. I must admit I am skeptical of putting diet pills in my body but I might have to look into trying these with such amazing effects. She paired the pills with boot camps and regular exercise. I suddenly feel like going for a run, especially with such beautiful weather… Who am I kidding? I’m just gonna play some more Bingo.