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Don’t Tell The Bride is Back!

dont-tell-the-bride_940x705_FotorIf like me, and most people, you were gutted that Don’t Tell The Bride had been cancelled have no fear, its been announced it’s coming back to BBC ONE! YES! So it’s moving on up, not being scrapped, woohoo! We can all continue to judge weddings and make snidey comments about bridezillas for a lot longer.

This time around there’ll be a slight twist too according to Heat – all the brides will be aged between 30 and 55, and their grooms will be slightly older too. I love this though. It’s just showing that it doesn’t matter if you’re getting older and still not in any sight of solid hubby material, not even a glimpse, not even a glimmer mate. It’s all good, there’s still a chance.

I can’t wait for it to start!


30306_FotorI don’t know if you guys saw this but me and my fellow Bingo-chatting-ladies were having a little chat about how Claudia Winkleman, new host of Strictly Come Dancing, has cut her fringe. Little did we know we weren’t the only ones, apparently its a proper debate with it’s own hashtag!! Like whaaaat? Brilliant!

Claudia tweeted the other day that the fringe is coming back in though because everyone hated her not having it, but I’m way gutted. I thought it was so much nicer without!! No annoying flicking it out of her eyes every two seconds!! DAMMIT.

Take that Little Mix!!

Sometimes it’s nice to see the rich and famous celebs we love (and are secretly massively jelly of) go through something embarrassing. They say the camera doesn’t lie but in these photos on the Daily Star website, these girlies had better hope it does!!

Look at their faces bless them! You can’t fault the lovelies on their commitment. It makes me feel better about all those photos where I have a double chin! Yesss!!

Little-Mix-live-music-397269_Fotor 140718_Fotor

Argy Bargy!

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorOh Arg, you are always the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons! This weekend, Arg was reported as missing because he didn’t turn up for a 3am flight and hadn’t contacted anyone for hours because his phone broke! What an idiot!

Scotland Yard got involved, all of the national media, it was a mega frenzy! #prayforarg went viral! Some of my Bingo girlies text me the news and I was well upset. Eventually he turned up though and just tweeted something like “sorry for the trouble guys xxx” oh yeah thanks Arg?!

What a drama ay?!