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Daddy Dan!

1408357411_Dan-Osborne-1,-Teddy,-son,-baby-boy,-second-child,-second-baby,-new-portrait,-instagram_FotorSo who else LOVED the news that TOWIE’s Dan Osborne – aka. one of the most beautiful men in the world, but not beating my beautiful Lampard or Mr Wright of course – is having another baby! And not only just having another baby, but with one of my favourite Eastenders stars. I am so excited!!

Apparently not everyone is though according to OK! which is sad. Dan’s ex is getting a bit heated and its all a bit emosh and sad over there. But I for one am happy for them both. Congratulations guys!

Stupid Soap Awards

British Soap Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsAbsolutely fuming. I haven’t even watched The Soap Awards yet and I’m annoyed! Ok! released a full list today of the results and Eastenders only won two awards. Two measly awards. Hollyoaks won Soap of the Year… need I say more! I am not a happy Suzie!

I do love Corrie but it’s not my favourite and some of its awards are undeserved. I do of course admit though that Michelle Keegan is obviously the most beautiful. Her and Mark looked absolutely gorgey together as usual! It’ll be interesting to see who finally takes over from her next year as Sexiest Female as she leaves Corrie tomorrow, which will also be super exciting! It’s gonna be a good TV week!