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Bring your Bestie!

I_Heart_Bingo-jpg-1024x1024_FotorA little heads up for all my fellow Bingo buddies!!! (Don’t say I don’t give you anything girlies!)

If you bring a friend who isn’t a member of the club already you get a FREE main meal and dessert!! Me and my friend had no idea, and it was such a nice little surprise for us when we went at the weekend! The food was lush too.. my diet went well out the window but it’s fine to treat yourself sometimes right?! It was beaut, neither of us won much but we had a great night and made back at least everything we spent! And we met some other girls who were new to Bingo and needed my expert advice obviously. We’re meeting them there next Sunday for the Sunday deal the club have got going on at the moment.

So many Bingo plans coming up! Love it!!

Alternatively, I’ve started playing online games at SuperCasino – try it out, it’s awesome and such a time killer!!!

Top Tips for Bingo Fans

6481757597_b919488c76_z_FotorIt’s not just a game, it’s a sport, it’s a serious way of winning cold hard cash and having fun all at the same time. Bingo. It’s not as easy as it looks. Come into any Bingo hall and you can feel the tension, this is no “”game””. Here are your Auntie Suzie’s top tips for not just playing Bingo but winning it:

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I’m A Celeb is back!!

Gemma-Collins_FotorI was so excited last night to find out I’m a Celeb was back on, I’d completely forgot till Mum told me.  Such a ditz sometimes!

How brill was it though?! Love Gemma, she’s mental bless her! I feel like she’s really gonna struggle in the jungle but if she hangs on in there, I think it’ll be the best thing ever to happen to her! I’m fangirling for you Gem!!

Also how cool is it that Tinchy’s on there? I loved his songs! I just can’t wait for this series to get properly going! Although it’ll never be as good again as when my baby Mark Wright was on it! Miss you Mark!


Aren’t Mums just Brill?

So after watching CIN last night I was already feeling a bit soppy and mopey and hating on how cruel life is this morning, and then I read this cute thing on Facebook. Its called 16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Mums For. It’s just beaut and everything it says is so so true! I love my Mum more than anything!

Guys, you should read this and realise how lucky you are and thank your mum everyday for just being so damn brilliant!

Break up Beauty!

breakups-to-makeup_FotorI love my plus-size fashion blogs. Let’s not lie that’s what inspired me to write in the first place and I’ve seen a few really amazeeee posts about this new brand in NYC called Break ups to Make up. It’s hotter than Queen Beyonce right now and that’s saying something!

Inspired by a break up she went through, a fabulous make-up artist invented the new brand which has catchy (and insanely true) witty comments printed on t-shirts, make up bags etc. My faves are the perfect “Love raised me, lipstick saved me,” and “Losing you hurt but losing my make up bag would be a tragedy.”

I can’t wait to see what else this amazing woman produces and I can’t wait for it to hit Essex fashion, who knows maybe I’m breaking the trend first?! Hollaaaaa.

Queenie’s First Photobomb!

Yqueen_photobomb-390726_Fotorou all know how I love a good story about the royals, and the best royal story of all time has now landed, the Queen did her first photobomb with an Australian athlete at the Commonwealth Games today!


The photo is glorious and amazing because lovely Queenie is even showing her perfect teeth with a dazzling smile towards the camera. I bet that made pretty athlete, Jade Taylor’s day, I would never change it from my faceyb profile picture if that was me!! I just love it when the royals get involved with normal people like this, it reminds us all that at the end of the day they’re just like you and me.

Bet Queenie loves a bit of Bingo just like me.


It’s Make-you-smile Monday Again!!

127474_FotorYou know me, I love a cute post? And since hints of TOWIE’s Arg and Lydia‘s love is still in the air, I’m feeling very optimistic about life. I mean if Lydia will do the naughty with Arg, what can’t be done in this world?

Anyway back to what I actually wanted to post about. The world’s cutest Dad has taken pictures of his boys every month in the most creative ways he could think of. Here are two of my favourites but to see more read the article here. If these cheeky monkeys don’t make you smile I don’t know what will!!
Screenshot 2014-07-21 17_Fotor

Make-You-Smile Monday!

For today’s Make-You-Smile Monday, I’ve gone for a footy theme. I know most people are sick of the footy now but we can’t avoid that the World Cup final was last night, can we guys? And if you can’t avoid it why not make it bearable by taking the micky out of footballer’s dodgy haircuts!

So starting off with Palacio – my inspiration for the post. I want to know how he even managed to grow his hair so long in that one spot, I want to know why, and I want a razer to sneak up and cut it off!Untitled_Fotor


Then West, really? This one had me in stitches. What goes through people’s heads? To be fair I’d probably like it if it was pink and at least we know where Miley got inspired!

Untitled 2_Fotor

Jason Lee also had a hilarious haircut. A funny pineapple lookalike number. Love it!


The Only Way is Marbs is Here!!

realitytv_the_only_way_is_marbs_8_FotorOMG so the first episode of The Only Way is Marbs played last night and as usual my Essex boys and girls were fab! I loved every single minute of it!! The shows not quite the same without Mario and Sam but I am loving having Lydia back and I really hope her and Arj get back together, even though she can definitely do way better. I also thought the awkward scenes between Lauren and Chloe were awful. I can’t cope with the pair of them not being friends, why can’t they just kiss and make up? What happened to Sisters before Misters, c’mon ladies!! Barry are also my new favey couple and their no tan-line swimming pants were the funniest thing ever. I just hope they stay together, and Gemma stops stirring things that don’t concern her. And with this fiery argument with Dan and Jasmine in the offing, I cannot wait for Wednesday night eeeek!!


First BGT Semi-Finals

Screenshot 2014-05-26 23_FotorTonight was the first Britains Got Talent Semi-Final of the week, I absolutely loved it. It was so much fun! I wrote a little bit about each act as it went along sort of like one of those live blogger things!

Collabro – Not really my thing.. they’re all a bit too posh for me. Although the one with the voice of an angel was just a bit fit. Wouldn’t have said they were the best act of the night though British public. :(

Christian – Raining men is one of my favourite songs – so sassy. And I need his pink wellies! Aside from that I was always told not to say anything if you couldn’t say anything nice…

Darcy – This beautiful beautiful illusionist was my favourite act of the night! Not just because he was really really good looking.. (Did I mention he was hot?) But he was awesome too! He had a massive stage presence and his act itself was brilliant and so confusing! He might be Canadian but I don’t care, did you see those muscles? So glad he went through!

Jon Clegg – Clegg’s TV show idea was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!! He had Dec down to an absolute tee, and I was crying at his Michael Mcintyre act. I could of watched hours of that!!

Henrietta – Unfortunately, she should’ve been on X Factor. She’s got a good sob story but she didn’t stand out for me. She was a bit boring and stereotypical. Meow.

Patsy May – Theres only one pasty may! I love Patsy May. She was almost as sassy as me in her video. And All That Jazz is one of my all time favourite songs! I do agree with Amanda that she could’ve done more talking  to make her show better though but still brilliant.

Lauren and Terrell – I loved these two with their adorable outfits! Lauren is sassier than me let alone “assertive”! I did agree with Amanda that Lauren definitely stole the show though and Terrell wasn’t keeping up but I felt sorry for the little 12 year old!

Micky – The lovely 26 year old Micky from Essex was great. He works at a supermarket just like me, and he sung one of my favourite songs but his style is not really my kinda music! He’s got a nice face though! #mickeyfortowie

Line Dancing – … Not a Suzie kinda thing, what can I say?