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Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! We had a tiny lil’ Thanksgiving feast at work today at lunch, it was so so cute. Not as cute as this video Heat posted earlier though! It’s a Tiny Hamster eating a Tiny Thanksgiving Dinner, ADORBS. How sweet is it?

In other news I can’t wait to go to Bingo tomorrow night with the girls, I have a good feeling I’m going to win. Wish me luck girlies!!

I’m A Celeb is back!!

Gemma-Collins_FotorI was so excited last night to find out I’m a Celeb was back on, I’d completely forgot till Mum told me.  Such a ditz sometimes!

How brill was it though?! Love Gemma, she’s mental bless her! I feel like she’s really gonna struggle in the jungle but if she hangs on in there, I think it’ll be the best thing ever to happen to her! I’m fangirling for you Gem!!

Also how cool is it that Tinchy’s on there? I loved his songs! I just can’t wait for this series to get properly going! Although it’ll never be as good again as when my baby Mark Wright was on it! Miss you Mark!


Aren’t Mums just Brill?

So after watching CIN last night I was already feeling a bit soppy and mopey and hating on how cruel life is this morning, and then I read this cute thing on Facebook. Its called 16 Things We Forget To Thank Our Mums For. It’s just beaut and everything it says is so so true! I love my Mum more than anything!

Guys, you should read this and realise how lucky you are and thank your mum everyday for just being so damn brilliant!

Joint Facebook’s are a no… right?

Please tell me this is some kind of joke? According to the Metro one in ten british couples has a joint Facebook account, and the most common reason for doing so is because of lack of trust.

None of my coupley friends have joint facebook accounts. In fact nobody I even know has one and I have a lot of Facebook friends. I love how even the poll on the Metro site says 81% wouldn’t ever have one. I am so grossed out that this is a thing. Not only is it super cringey and weird but the fact its because of lack of trust.. Newsflash: You shouldn’t be with someone if you don’t trust them.

Gahhh. Auntie Suzie really needs to sort these people out!!

Moves like Jagger!

Best Friday morning feel good story ever!! One of those proper posh palace guardsmen from Buckingham Palace was caught dancing for tourists. They’re the ones that normally have to be really stiff and stubborn so this is really bad.

The video of this guy dancing is totally hilarious though, it’s amazing! I hope he doesn’t get in too much trouble for it, what a joker!

Especially skip to 2:25 ladies – the best bit by far!!!

Greatest movie ever?

Rihanna_FotorOMG you guys! Exciting news! One of the sexiest women in pop – our Ri-Ri – is rumoured to be appearing as the next bond girl in the new James Bond film!! Whaaaaat? Could this be the hottest bond movie ever ladies?

We all love a bit of Daniel Craig with his top off but that combined with a sexy and no doubt slightly evil Rihanna is just gonna be on peak!!! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!!! I really really REALLY hope this rumour is true!

Crazy cat woman heaven!

Now everybody knows I’m a forever-alone-crazy-cat-lady at heart! One of my favey girlies sent me this  from the Metro – “9 places all cat-lovers need to visit before they die” It is brilliant!! I’m gonna put my all into going to each one deffo! Who’s cominmoscow-cat-theatre_Fotorg with me?

Top 3 I am so excited about are:

  • Stray Cat Hostel - Why stay in a normal Turkish hostel when you can stay in a moggy-themed one that includes lots of cute stray cats?
  • Hello Kitty town – Love a bit of Hello Kitty!!
  • Brother Cream – A cat who runs his own shop?! What could be more exciting!

Take that Little Mix!!

Sometimes it’s nice to see the rich and famous celebs we love (and are secretly massively jelly of) go through something embarrassing. They say the camera doesn’t lie but in these photos on the Daily Star website, these girlies had better hope it does!!

Look at their faces bless them! You can’t fault the lovelies on their commitment. It makes me feel better about all those photos where I have a double chin! Yesss!!

Little-Mix-live-music-397269_Fotor 140718_Fotor

The Cute Factor!

Oh wow, did someone say Thursday was the perfect time for some cuteness? Well boy have I got some for you guys, don’t say I don’t treat you!

These four year old quadruplets are absolutely cute as a button and start school in a few weeks! Here they are pictured by the Daily Mail in their uniforms!

As broody as I may be though, maybe I’d like one or two, not four in one go, man I feel for this woman when they hit their teens!




Break up Beauty!

breakups-to-makeup_FotorI love my plus-size fashion blogs. Let’s not lie that’s what inspired me to write in the first place and I’ve seen a few really amazeeee posts about this new brand in NYC called Break ups to Make up. It’s hotter than Queen Beyonce right now and that’s saying something!

Inspired by a break up she went through, a fabulous make-up artist invented the new brand which has catchy (and insanely true) witty comments printed on t-shirts, make up bags etc. My faves are the perfect “Love raised me, lipstick saved me,” and “Losing you hurt but losing my make up bag would be a tragedy.”

I can’t wait to see what else this amazing woman produces and I can’t wait for it to hit Essex fashion, who knows maybe I’m breaking the trend first?! Hollaaaaa.