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Bring your Bestie!

I_Heart_Bingo-jpg-1024x1024_FotorA little heads up for all my fellow Bingo buddies!!! (Don’t say I don’t give you anything girlies!)

If you bring a friend who isn’t a member of the club already you get a FREE main meal and dessert!! Me and my friend had no idea, and it was such a nice little surprise for us when we went at the weekend! The food was lush too.. my diet went well out the window but it’s fine to treat yourself sometimes right?! It was beaut, neither of us won much but we had a great night and made back at least everything we spent! And we met some other girls who were new to Bingo and needed my expert advice obviously. We’re meeting them there next Sunday for the Sunday deal the club have got going on at the moment.

So many Bingo plans coming up! Love it!!

Alternatively, I’ve started playing online games at SuperCasino – try it out, it’s awesome and such a time killer!!!

Revenge Is Sweet Steve!

dumped_FotorThis has got to be the best story I have heard in a long time. Steve Frazer, whoever you are, shame on you! It looks like this guy has been having an affair with two women, who’ve found out and had enough. But they got their comeback alright. Never mess with two newcastle women I tell ya.

The two girls put a banner across an A1 bridge to publicly shame the cheating dog. G’waan girlies. Thousands of people on their daily commute would have seen the sign and potentially quite a few people who knew the guy. Brilliant!  They even put a selfie of the two of them on the sign, just the icing on the cake. Well done girls!

DIY Louboutins!!

119373_FotorI think it’s every girls dream to have her own pair of Louboutins, and if not, it is definitely every ESSEX girls dream. According to the Daily Star, every girl can now have her own pair of DIY louboutins without a tin of red paint! Growing company, about to have their products on ASOS’s “”shelves””, Shoelicks offer designer stickers for high street shoe soles. There’s a tongue twister for ya!

They don’t just come in the classy louboutin red either, from block colours in summery pastels such as candyfloss pink (did somebody say perfect?!!) and mint green to graphic prints and floral designs, there’s something to fulfil every girl’s dreams. Plus they are only £2.99 too and are just a perfect bargain way to stand out from the crowd. Unless everyone reads this article in which case, AVOID AVOID AVOID.

PS. God I wish my legs looked that good!!