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Christmas Kindness!

ad_154858836_FotorCould this be the sweetest Christmas story ever? A woman walking around town in Manchester with her young daughter was given £200 on the street by a stranger in what seemed to be a random act of kindness. She did something equally lovely with the money buying a memorial for her grandmother, a ticket to be with her family at Christmas and donating the rest to a children’s charity present thing. I love how she didn’t just spend it all on shoes or a new dress for the Christmas party. I bet the man knew she’d use it well. It’s such a heart warming story ain’t it?

Maybe we should all try to do some random acts of kindness this Christmas? I know I haven’t got £200 to spare, but it’s not hard to hold a door open for someone, offer somebody the last box of crackers rather than nabbing it and running off in the supermarket or taking your neighbours round some home made mince pies.

Poor Lyds!!

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorPoor Lyds from TOWIE! She’s just found out her bestie is a complete and utter snitch! She posted on instagram today about how her long term best friend had betrayed her and all her friends, including our Arg, by telling stories directly to the press after Lydia opened up to her.

It’s especially bad that she outed that Arg will be in rehab for christmas and has been suspended from TOWIE under investigation. That girl seems so two faced to be able to do that! I feel so sorry for Lyds, I don’t know how I’d feel if my girls ratted me out like that. Thinking of you girl x

Kelly’s Mystery Man!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 16_FotorSo Heat have been showing off fabulous photos today of Kelly Brook with a very very lush new man and I don’t know who he is but he is rugged and rough in all the right ways. Apparently he’s a male model, definitely a step up from her old boyf, even if he was all muscles!!

I’m glad to see Kelly looking happy again though, she’s like me she never has any luck choosing the right men! Also completely aside I am LOVING that pink jumper, I need it right now! Preferably with a nice man like that attached, please, Santa?!


Kirk Norcross, Lauren PopeI am so happy I could burst!! I have some true essex gossip for you!! Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope from TOWIE are back together *cue girly scream and so much excitement* I am so excited for the two of them, they were one of my favourite couples on the show when it first started!

And after everything Lauren has been through with Lewis recently, this couldn’t have come at a better time for her! Do I hear wedding bells already? I DO!!! Susie’s so excited!!!

Bridget who?

renee-zellweger-before-after-lips-surgery_FotorI can’t believe the pictures that have come out today of Renee Zellweger?! Like Bridget Jones, what, who?! She looks so different I wouldn’t even have thought she was the same woman! I mean she looks fab for her age and boy is her plastic surgeon good but, NO GIRL what happened to natural beauty?

Bring back the good old Bridget Jones look that we all loved! It makes me sad that celebs feel the need to change themselves so much. I think plastic surgery can be good for body enhancements but you shouldn’t try to stop ageing, you just end up looking like a plastic barbie doll.


30306_FotorI don’t know if you guys saw this but me and my fellow Bingo-chatting-ladies were having a little chat about how Claudia Winkleman, new host of Strictly Come Dancing, has cut her fringe. Little did we know we weren’t the only ones, apparently its a proper debate with it’s own hashtag!! Like whaaaat? Brilliant!

Claudia tweeted the other day that the fringe is coming back in though because everyone hated her not having it, but I’m way gutted. I thought it was so much nicer without!! No annoying flicking it out of her eyes every two seconds!! DAMMIT.

Greatest movie ever?

Rihanna_FotorOMG you guys! Exciting news! One of the sexiest women in pop – our Ri-Ri – is rumoured to be appearing as the next bond girl in the new James Bond film!! Whaaaaat? Could this be the hottest bond movie ever ladies?

We all love a bit of Daniel Craig with his top off but that combined with a sexy and no doubt slightly evil Rihanna is just gonna be on peak!!! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!!! I really really REALLY hope this rumour is true!

Leave Lauren Alone!

lauren-goodger-marina-laslo-concert_FotorRight guys.. I’m gonna do something that will only happen ONCE and I mean ONCE okay? I am about to defend Lauren Goodger..

WOW I know. But when things get tough us Essex girlies really stick together.

In this article on the Mirror they said that her ex posted a tweet sayingAhhhh happy birthday to the biggest let down I no @LaurenGoodger keep it up girl your doing great #tramp” and then posted two outrageously private pictures of her!! Does this not just ruin any faith you had in men? What a prick! 

I think he needs to leave her alone and just move on. She obviously trusted him with pics like that and for him to share them is just so disrespectful. Get a life mate!!

Royal baby number two!!

Royal-baby-leaves-hospital-_FotorI’m sure you all heard the news and were wondering why I haven’t posted about it yet, me being such a royal lover and all, BUT I didn’t know!! My so-called mother never told me the biggest news ever, but now I do know and I’m so so HAPPPPPPPPPPS! Yay! Princess Kate is having another baby!

It’s had to be announced early again because of the horrible morning sickness Kate suffers but I actually can’t wait. Her and William seem so happy and baby George would be too if he knew what was going on yet! Ahhh I love babies!!

OMG PLEASE BE A GIRL PLEASE BE A GIRL! And you know Kate… Princess Suzanne has a good ring to it? ;)

Take that Little Mix!!

Sometimes it’s nice to see the rich and famous celebs we love (and are secretly massively jelly of) go through something embarrassing. They say the camera doesn’t lie but in these photos on the Daily Star website, these girlies had better hope it does!!

Look at their faces bless them! You can’t fault the lovelies on their commitment. It makes me feel better about all those photos where I have a double chin! Yesss!!

Little-Mix-live-music-397269_Fotor 140718_Fotor