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Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! We had a tiny lil’ Thanksgiving feast at work today at lunch, it was so so cute. Not as cute as this video Heat posted earlier though! It’s a Tiny Hamster eating a Tiny Thanksgiving Dinner, ADORBS. How sweet is it?

In other news I can’t wait to go to Bingo tomorrow night with the girls, I have a good feeling I’m going to win. Wish me luck girlies!!

Kelly’s Mystery Man!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 16_FotorSo Heat have been showing off fabulous photos today of Kelly Brook with a very very lush new man and I don’t know who he is but he is rugged and rough in all the right ways. Apparently he’s a male model, definitely a step up from her old boyf, even if he was all muscles!!

I’m glad to see Kelly looking happy again though, she’s like me she never has any luck choosing the right men! Also completely aside I am LOVING that pink jumper, I need it right now! Preferably with a nice man like that attached, please, Santa?!

Suns out, Bums out!

Towie-pants_2939426b_FotorPhew… This weather is absolutely ridiculous. Now I know us Essex girls we love a bit of heat, we love to get our spray tans out but this is just TOO HOT!

Me and the family went down to Southend earlier and laid out on the beach, it was a lovely day with ice creams and paddling and all my favourite people. I didn’t get my bikini on though, I’ve been feeling rather flabby since I came back from Marbs.. all that drinking :( It’s actually hotter here than it was when I went to bloody Marbs! It’s a good way to top up my tan though, I’m golden again already.

Saw way too much of some people on the beach though, just because the suns out boys and girls doesn’t mean you to have to flash it all about. A few guys were even wearing one of those one strapped man-short things Bobby and Harry were sporting in Marbs.. was it just me who thought these were just a joke… Awkward…

Beautiful Blue Ivy

beyonceblueivy2_FotorI may not be one to talk but some people do really need to get a life. The women who made a petition to “”save”” Blue Ivy’s hair (daughter of Beyonce and Jay-z) really really put my Bingo-playing, supermarket-working life into perspective and make it look great. I’m sorry but who has time for that? The petition was started on change.org and was signed by over 3.000 people who also clearly have nothing better to do than tell a 2 year old what to do about her hair. The petitioners claim that the youngsters hair is in bad condition and needs to be brushed and conditioned because it is beginning to become matted and get dreadlocks. I’m sorry but Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women in the world and she knows what to do to her daughter’s hair. I personally think Blue Ivy is completely adorbs. It is sad that celebrities have to hide their babies from the press but its obvious when things like this come out! Everyone needs to chill their beans and play some Bingo and stop worrying about a 2 year olds hair in my opinion..

What a girl wants, what a girl needs

So Heat officially made my day today, announcing the news that Robbie, YES Britain’s hottest D.I.L.F Robbie Williams,  apparently wants to be a judge on my favourite show of the moment Britain’s Got Talent. I am not just excited. I am freaking excited!!!


C’mon Simon! I can’t see many ladies turning off their tellies if Robbie’s face is on there, just look at the success of Gary Barlow since the X Factor. Robbie said he was worried he’d get in trouble because of his big mouth, but aside from his dashing looks, I think it’s half the reason we’d love to watch him. I love a bit of controversy, it sells Simon honest, so what do you say?