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X-tremely Hot Factor!

Ben-Haenow_FotorI was so happy with the X Factor result last night! The gorgeous Ben totally deserved to win and he kept making me burst into tears the whole night because he was so cute! Especially when they did the messages about his family, awwww!

And to top the whole night off I only went and won some money whilst watching from the Bingo X Factor games they have! It was the best best best night ever!!

Now I just need Ben under my tree with his beautiful eyes, pretty please Santa?

Suns out, Bums out!

Towie-pants_2939426b_FotorPhew… This weather is absolutely ridiculous. Now I know us Essex girls we love a bit of heat, we love to get our spray tans out but this is just TOO HOT!

Me and the family went down to Southend earlier and laid out on the beach, it was a lovely day with ice creams and paddling and all my favourite people. I didn’t get my bikini on though, I’ve been feeling rather flabby since I came back from Marbs.. all that drinking :( It’s actually hotter here than it was when I went to bloody Marbs! It’s a good way to top up my tan though, I’m golden again already.

Saw way too much of some people on the beach though, just because the suns out boys and girls doesn’t mean you to have to flash it all about. A few guys were even wearing one of those one strapped man-short things Bobby and Harry were sporting in Marbs.. was it just me who thought these were just a joke… Awkward…