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Mills is Smoking Hot!

23B29B7400000578-0-image-a-14_1417631673063_FotorTHINSPIRATION ALERT! Now if you ever needed motivation to get yourself to the gym in the new year (so, totally and utterly me!) then this is IT! Right here, look no further ladies!!!

This picture of Millie Mackintosh taken for Women’s Health magazine is just SO FREAKING HOT. The woman is a total babe. And she’s so strong, and she’s done it in all the right ways. Can I just be her? Definitely going to the gym in the new year guys, and I will be a whole new me… and yes I said this last year, but last year I didn’t have this piccy. Who’s with me?

Tumble outrage!

TX OneNow after my lovely Bingo ladies told me to check it out, I watched Tumble on the good old iPlayer! I loved it actually and it was something really fun and interesting! Will deffo be checking it out again!

OMG but I did get angry because I felt the judges were well harsh on our Lucy. She didn’t deserve to be bottom of the table. She was clearly just nervous and she definitely wasn’t the worst on the show!

Regardless of what the judges had to say Lucy showed that she has a body to die for! I really need to learn her secret. Maybe I should join her fitness site, has anyone else tried it?!

Feeling Inspired

I am feeling inspired today by the beautiful Chanelle Hayes! After receiving hate from the press and other snobby minor celebrities about her weight, Chanelle has been posing in The Mirror with a cardboard cut-out of her former size 14 self. She’s got abs of steel and a tan to be truly jel of! Chanelle-Hayes_Fotor

As many of you know, I’ve been struggling for years to get my weight down and this woman is a true inspiration. She used Trim Secrets diet plan and supplements to get down to her now slim and toned size 8. I must admit I am skeptical of putting diet pills in my body but I might have to look into trying these with such amazing effects. She paired the pills with boot camps and regular exercise. I suddenly feel like going for a run, especially with such beautiful weather… Who am I kidding? I’m just gonna play some more Bingo.