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I’m a Celebrity is Over :(

Gemma-Collins_FotorAs if I’m a celebrity is already over?! I swear it only just started! I’m so happy that foggy won, he was hilarious and I love love loved him! And as usual the final trials were great too! They had to eat lots of horrible things as per. It was all just fab and now I’m really sad its all over!

But The Only Way is Essexmas is on Wednesday and good old GC is back and she’ll be talking about how horrible the jungle was!! And it’s only 17 days till Christmas! It’s a good time to be Suzie right now!

GC has left the jungle!

Gemma-Collins-Big-Bird-Katie-Hopkins-Main_FotorNoooo it’s a sad day in Essex!! GC Gemma Collins has quit I’m A Celebrity! I had such high hopes for the girl, why didn’t she stick it out? She could’ve won it I thought! I do feel sorry for Gem though! I wouldn’t want to be in there it looks horrible, I’m a home comforts gal me!

I think it’s awful though how that horrible Katie Hopkins woman has been so catty towards Gem calling her a big bird and saying the call of the Mars bar was too much, urghhh! I hate her! She knows nothing about how people can struggle with their weight and I wish she’d stop acting like the expert on it. Bitter because our Gem’s front page news or what?

I’m A Celeb is back!!

Gemma-Collins_FotorI was so excited last night to find out I’m a Celeb was back on, I’d completely forgot till Mum told me.  Such a ditz sometimes!

How brill was it though?! Love Gemma, she’s mental bless her! I feel like she’s really gonna struggle in the jungle but if she hangs on in there, I think it’ll be the best thing ever to happen to her! I’m fangirling for you Gem!!

Also how cool is it that Tinchy’s on there? I loved his songs! I just can’t wait for this series to get properly going! Although it’ll never be as good again as when my baby Mark Wright was on it! Miss you Mark!



uktv-the-x-factor-2014-judges-panel_FotorLittle did I know when I watched Cheryl’s amazing performance on the X Factor last night that it was gonna cause such a fuss! Apparently twitter went crazy after she sang her new song with people claiming she was miming.

Miming or not, Cheryl looked hot!! I’d like to see them all dance like that and manage to sing every note perfectly, sometimes miming is the only way. So many celebrities were calling her a hypocrite and being mean but Simon can’t exactly sing can he and nobody complains about that? I loved Cheryl’s performance and I love her new song, she’ll be laughing when its number one babes!

TOWIE Lovers!!

NLydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_Fotorow you guys all know how much I love my TOWIE fix. I’ve been missing it lately but ITS BACK SOON. And this little article here has some very interesting little tasters and titbits about the new series being filmed in Ibiza RIGHT NOW EEEEEK.

So no surprises that Argy Bargy and little Lyd aren’t getting it on anymore (so much surprise) but I’m sad to hear Ferne predict Lewis and Lauren will break up – I was starting to like them n’awwwww. Apparently the gorgey Elliot and Chloe might get engaged (can’t wait for that scene, going to be soooo cute) AND BEST TILL LAST Mario might be back…. YES!!!!! Can’t wait!!


Familiar face!

You know I said I hated that posh girl on The X Factor the other night? Well it turns out I was right about her. She’s been on some modelling show on Sky before and she was just as annoying on that. Like love, can you get anymore attention seeking?

She clearly couldn’t get famous for modelling and this is just another way she can bring attention on herself. I’m sorry but she’s clearly an attention seeker desperate for fame! We want people with passion for singing and music not this rubbish!! I hope she doesn’t make it through boot camp to the live rounds, I will definitely not be voting for her!

Simon’s back!

uktv-the-x-factor-2014-judges-panel_FotorOMG I loved the X Factor last night. I love how people can watch the acts from the waiting room, it’s such a cool idea! But must be well scary if you see someone really good! Also love Cheryl being back, she’s so beautiful!

Got to admit that Simon makes it though, he’s so funny!! He’s a lot nicer now he’s got Eric too!  Plus they had some really good characters on the show like that guy with the little girl who’d been in the navy mmmmm. I hated that posh woman. She is gonna be so annoying right?!

Best thing for Bingo lovies like me though is Mecca’s new X Factor games. They had some brilliant games last night that were X factor themed so you can get special deals whilst you watch the show! And best thing is now its shown on a Sunday too so I get to make the most out of two nights, oh yeaaah!

Long live the X Factor!!!

The Only Way is Marbs is Here!!

realitytv_the_only_way_is_marbs_8_FotorOMG so the first episode of The Only Way is Marbs played last night and as usual my Essex boys and girls were fab! I loved every single minute of it!! The shows not quite the same without Mario and Sam but I am loving having Lydia back and I really hope her and Arj get back together, even though she can definitely do way better. I also thought the awkward scenes between Lauren and Chloe were awful. I can’t cope with the pair of them not being friends, why can’t they just kiss and make up? What happened to Sisters before Misters, c’mon ladies!! Barry are also my new favey couple and their no tan-line swimming pants were the funniest thing ever. I just hope they stay together, and Gemma stops stirring things that don’t concern her. And with this fiery argument with Dan and Jasmine in the offing, I cannot wait for Wednesday night eeeek!!


Britains Got Talent Final

So all the followers who are sick of me blabbering on about Britains Got Talent can sigh a breath of relief because tonight is the final! I am bubbling with excitement, let the live tweeting begin!! bgt-cc19-250x250_Fotor

The Addict Initiative – Tonight’s Hansel and Gretel routine was really fun and had such a dramatic end. I loved it! I used to do some dancing when I was younger in a dance group and they remind me of how it always feels like a family, they were as good as how I wanted to be. Their outfits and staging are epic and I love it!!  I’m not sure I could watch a whole show of it though..

Jon Clegg – I want to be angry because he shouldn’t be in it! WE WANT LIGHT BALANCE! But he is undeniably funny I have to admit! I felt it was a bit broken up and had lots of breaks in it, but it was really good and when it finished I wanted to watch more! The Dec impression will never get old, and it was incredible considering he had not a lot of time to get his act together.

Lettuce Rowbotham – Can I have Lettuce as my best friend? I love her voice and her annoying voice has grown on me so much! Plus who knew she had a singing voice like that, she’s amazing! She also performed one of my favourite songs and gave me absolute goosebumps! You could see she was really putting her all into it! Plus I really need her hair and that glittery catsuit.

High Heeled dancers – I can’t even say their name let alone pronounce it but I love the high heeled dancing men. I loved how they pressed the buzzers at the start! Only problem was after a while I forget they had heels on, they just look like any kind of dancers! Their Short shorts were perfect, I wish my thighs looked that fit! I think they would’ve been better had they been all on their own, their semi final performance and audition were better! Thumbs up for the Bey melody though!!

Contestants-Bars-and-Melody-on-Britains-Got-Talent_FotorBars and Melody – These boys are sooo cute! I can see why they’re the favourite to win. I love them! The song is so catchy, I’ve been singing it ever since their act! I think they’ve had a lot of help from Simon, I think thats why they’ve gone global and been on radio 1! I do wish I could hear them more, I didn’t need that all that typical Simon choir rubbish! Best bit of their act was Simon’s comments at the end though saying he hoped eric turned out like them! So adorable!

James Smith – My favourite Essex cheeky chappy! I’ve seen all those signs he described and I can genuinely say the whole of essex is behind him! I love him! I just love how he’s so down to earth and how he performs just him and his guitar! He is so charming and definitely has a voice older than his years. I think with a better song he definitely could’ve won but I think he’ll struggle against the competition even though all of Essex love him.

Jack Pack – I really really love these boys too! Tonight’s such a toughie!! The boys are so good looking. I think they are brave giving up their jobs, because I don’t think they’ll win! I think it was a good song choice, although they could’ve done something a bit different and twisted a song and made it that style which would be more interesting. I loved their purple suits!

Screenshot 2014-05-26 23_FotorDarcy Oake – Once again such an amazing act! I was absolutely terrified and on the edge of my seat! He was left with 52 seconds to escape. I loved the idea of the videos in the background too they just made the act even scarier! The way he finished just in time and got his top off in the process was just perfect! Only problem is I think he’d give poor Queenie a heart attack! I also really really want him to crack a big beaming smile just once, he takes it all to seriously!!

Paddy and Nico – I love how Paddy really shows that life doesn’t finish as you get older! Her sob story got me all welled up too! I must admit my first thoughts though were not how great y]they were but “Why is Nico wearing a weird hat? What is that about?” But Paddy looked glorious! She looked so fancy and dressed up and I loved her sassiness stroking Nico’s leg, you go girl! I think the Queen would love her!

Collabro – These guys were just like Jack Pack. They were really similar but much better looking I think. They have great welsh-sounding voices! Only problem was their song was much more old fashioned and a bit boring than Jack Pack’s which was more fun. They again could’ve benefited from doing a modern song in a different style! Their styling was also fantabulous!

Lucy Kay – I like Lucy. She’s technically good but I don’t really like her act, its nothing personal but its not really my thing! It’s not half as interesting as Darcy’s! I can’t understand half the words for a start! She looked absolutely stunning though! I need some of that sparkly eyeshadow!







Reaction to the winners: 

I am NOT A HAPPY SUZIE! I couldn’t be more furious! So with Darcy, Lettuce and my lovely essex boy James out 6th, 7th and 8th I was left with no other choice but to hope and pray for Bars and Melody and even they didn’t win! My two possible worst acts were in the final two and after that I lost all interest. I think the builder from Collabro was good looking but their songs were old fashioned and Lucy just bores me. I know I’m being a misery guts, but really British public really?!


Ta-ra Tina!

1400570228_tina-mcintyre-michelle-keegan-pictures-coronation-street_FotorIt’s been the saddest storyline of soap history. Watching Tina, one of my favourite characters since forever, leave Corrie was totes emosh to say the least! As she died in hospital last week I sobbed my little heart out – me and my entire family – even my Dad went a bit quiet! So the news on the OK! website that Tina will have a special hour-long goodbye episode tonight at 8pm is just too much to bear.

The episode takes a trip down memory lane and OK! promises we need to get our Kleenex at the ready. I didn’t need telling. We even get to see her very first audition which I’m sure will be more than cringe for her and exclusive info from her friends and family. My Mark might even make an appearance.. a girl can wish anyway.