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Baby News!!

Keira KnightleyNow you all know how I love baby bump news.. and rumours are flying around about the lovely Keira Knightley having a secret little baby bump! Awww my God I really hope this one is true…

I’ve been feeling all gooey and melty¬†since Chloe and Elliot got back together on the brill¬†TOWIE Christmas Special on Wednesday and this has just proper finished me off!! It’s so so so so so so SOOOO cute.

Begin Again

Begin_Again_film_poster_2014_FotorIt’s true, even Essex girls get bored of shopping sometimes, and even I get bored of playing Bingo… very rarely. So me and my gals went to see a movie at the cinema. I’m not usually a sit in one place watching a film kinda girl, my ideal date deffo wouldn’t be a date to the cinema but we saw Begin Again and I loved it!

The songs were catchy, Keira was pulling off some serious minimal make up beauty (if not a little thin for my taste) and the guy in it was all kinds of bad sexy. I really liked James Corden and Cee-lo Green in it too, they were hilarious!! I would definitely recommend it to all of you!