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X-tremely Hot Factor!

Ben-Haenow_FotorI was so happy with the X Factor result last night! The gorgeous Ben totally deserved to win and he kept making me burst into tears the whole night because he was so cute! Especially when they did the messages about his family, awwww!

And to top the whole night off I only went and won some money whilst watching from the Bingo X Factor games they have! It was the best best best night ever!!

Now I just need Ben under my tree with his beautiful eyes, pretty please Santa?

A Perfect Morning!

23_FotorAww did anyone see my baby Frank Lampard on BBC Breakfast this morning? It was such a treat, forget breakfast in bed! I was well miffed about being up for work this morning and then I saw his little face and suddenly everything was okay again – yay!!

He was talking about his new children’s book he’s just published. Who knew he was well clever as well as fit?  I am so impressed!! If I ever have a son he is gonna read every single one of Frankie’s books. He was talking about his daughters as well and how he reads to them – it was soooo cute!! Love you Frank!

If you missed it you can watch it all here.. (I may have watched it.. a few times!)

Moves like Jagger!

Best Friday morning feel good story ever!! One of those proper posh palace guardsmen from Buckingham Palace was caught dancing for tourists. They’re the ones that normally have to be really stiff and stubborn so this is really bad.

The video of this guy dancing is totally hilarious though, it’s amazing! I hope he doesn’t get in too much trouble for it, what a joker!

Especially skip to 2:25 ladies – the best bit by far!!!