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Christmas Kindness!

ad_154858836_FotorCould this be the sweetest Christmas story ever? A woman walking around town in Manchester with her young daughter was given £200 on the street by a stranger in what seemed to be a random act of kindness. She did something equally lovely with the money buying a memorial for her grandmother, a ticket to be with her family at Christmas and donating the rest to a children’s charity present thing. I love how she didn’t just spend it all on shoes or a new dress for the Christmas party. I bet the man knew she’d use it well. It’s such a heart warming story ain’t it?

Maybe we should all try to do some random acts of kindness this Christmas? I know I haven’t got £200 to spare, but it’s not hard to hold a door open for someone, offer somebody the last box of crackers rather than nabbing it and running off in the supermarket or taking your neighbours round some home made mince pies.

Joint Facebook’s are a no… right?

Please tell me this is some kind of joke? According to the Metro one in ten british couples has a joint Facebook account, and the most common reason for doing so is because of lack of trust.

None of my coupley friends have joint facebook accounts. In fact nobody I even know has one and I have a lot of Facebook friends. I love how even the poll on the Metro site says 81% wouldn’t ever have one. I am so grossed out that this is a thing. Not only is it super cringey and weird but the fact its because of lack of trust.. Newsflash: You shouldn’t be with someone if you don’t trust them.

Gahhh. Auntie Suzie really needs to sort these people out!!