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Poor Lyds!!

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorPoor Lyds from TOWIE! She’s just found out her bestie is a complete and utter snitch! She posted on instagram today about how her long term best friend had betrayed her and all her friends, including our Arg, by telling stories directly to the press after Lydia opened up to her.

It’s especially bad that she outed that Arg will be in rehab for christmas and has been suspended from TOWIE under investigation. That girl seems so two faced to be able to do that! I feel so sorry for Lyds, I don’t know how I’d feel if my girls ratted me out like that. Thinking of you girl x

Argy Bargy!

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorOh Arg, you are always the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons! This weekend, Arg was reported as missing because he didn’t turn up for a 3am flight and hadn’t contacted anyone for hours because his phone broke! What an idiot!

Scotland Yard got involved, all of the national media, it was a mega frenzy! #prayforarg went viral! Some of my Bingo girlies text me the news and I was well upset. Eventually he turned up though and just tweeted something like “sorry for the trouble guys xxx” oh yeah thanks Arg?!

What a drama ay?!

Heavy Baggage

embargoed_towie_s9_39_FotorI am so excited to see things starting to appear online about The Only Way is Marbs! I am especially pumped since I, too, head off to Marbella soon, paid for by my Bingo winnings of course (woop woop!) Pardddddy!! Apparently according to OK! the boys and girls made their plane 200kg overweight. Jasmin apparently had 3 suitcases just for herself! God knows why considering I’ve only seen her papped in a bikini in the past 3 weeks and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t own any actual clothes! There was me getting annoyed at paying so much for an extra 20kg let alone 200kg!! Some stars had to get off and board a separate flight! Ok! quoted Bobby as saying - “The attendant said: ‘This hasn’t happened in my whole career!’ and I said: ‘You’ve never had Towie on board, baby!’” Love it! Can’t wait for it to start, eeeeek! 

Only sad thing is there will be no Mario. He’s been suspended from the Marbella episodes until his drug activities have been investigated after a video of him broke seemingly taking Cocaine. We will miss you Mario!