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Poor Lyds!!

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorPoor Lyds from TOWIE! She’s just found out her bestie is a complete and utter snitch! She posted on instagram today about how her long term best friend had betrayed her and all her friends, including our Arg, by telling stories directly to the press after Lydia opened up to her.

It’s especially bad that she outed that Arg will be in rehab for christmas and has been suspended from TOWIE under investigation. That girl seems so two faced to be able to do that! I feel so sorry for Lyds, I don’t know how I’d feel if my girls ratted me out like that. Thinking of you girl x

GC has left the jungle!

Gemma-Collins-Big-Bird-Katie-Hopkins-Main_FotorNoooo it’s a sad day in Essex!! GC Gemma Collins has quit I’m A Celebrity! I had such high hopes for the girl, why didn’t she stick it out? She could’ve won it I thought! I do feel sorry for Gem though! I wouldn’t want to be in there it looks horrible, I’m a home comforts gal me!

I think it’s awful though how that horrible Katie Hopkins woman has been so catty towards Gem calling her a big bird and saying the call of the Mars bar was too much, urghhh! I hate her! She knows nothing about how people can struggle with their weight and I wish she’d stop acting like the expert on it. Bitter because our Gem’s front page news or what?

Poor Gem!

1415608928028_Image_galleryImage_Gemma_Collins_and_boyfrie_FotorI read in the Daily Mail today that TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, who is apparently going to be on I’m a Celebrity soon (exciting!!!), was involved in domestic violence. I hope its not true, although her new boyf does seem a bit of a scumbag!! It says she was left bruised :(

They also said he trashed her house in the argument! I know Gemma can be quite argumentative and provoking but there is never any need for violence!! It’s so sad when love turns like that. I hope Gem feels better soon and I can’t wait to see her on I’m a Celeb. <3


Kirk Norcross, Lauren PopeI am so happy I could burst!! I have some true essex gossip for you!! Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope from TOWIE are back together *cue girly scream and so much excitement* I am so excited for the two of them, they were one of my favourite couples on the show when it first started!

And after everything Lauren has been through with Lewis recently, this couldn’t have come at a better time for her! Do I hear wedding bells already? I DO!!! Susie’s so excited!!!

TOWIE Lovers!!

NLydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_Fotorow you guys all know how much I love my TOWIE fix. I’ve been missing it lately but ITS BACK SOON. And this little article here has some very interesting little tasters and titbits about the new series being filmed in Ibiza RIGHT NOW EEEEEK.

So no surprises that Argy Bargy and little Lyd aren’t getting it on anymore (so much surprise) but I’m sad to hear Ferne predict Lewis and Lauren will break up – I was starting to like them n’awwwww. Apparently the gorgey Elliot and Chloe might get engaged (can’t wait for that scene, going to be soooo cute) AND BEST TILL LAST Mario might be back…. YES!!!!! Can’t wait!!


Leave Lauren Alone!

lauren-goodger-marina-laslo-concert_FotorRight guys.. I’m gonna do something that will only happen ONCE and I mean ONCE okay? I am about to defend Lauren Goodger..

WOW I know. But when things get tough us Essex girlies really stick together.

In this article on the Mirror they said that her ex posted a tweet sayingAhhhh happy birthday to the biggest let down I no @LaurenGoodger keep it up girl your doing great #tramp” and then posted two outrageously private pictures of her!! Does this not just ruin any faith you had in men? What a prick! 

I think he needs to leave her alone and just move on. She obviously trusted him with pics like that and for him to share them is just so disrespectful. Get a life mate!!

Ex Factor!!


Is this a joke?! That weird dodgy woman on X factor that the crowd booed off after like two seconds was the one who had the affair with Ricky from TOWIE when he’d just got together with Jess?

Oh my god, he had a lucky escape with her. It is really true that men go for burgers when they have steak at home Jeeeeezz! Grosss!

I am glad Ricky’s learnt his lesson! Just shows how bad these Essex boys can be? So glad I’m single!!

Daddy Dan!

1408357411_Dan-Osborne-1,-Teddy,-son,-baby-boy,-second-child,-second-baby,-new-portrait,-instagram_FotorSo who else LOVED the news that TOWIE’s Dan Osborne – aka. one of the most beautiful men in the world, but not beating my beautiful Lampard or Mr Wright of course – is having another baby! And not only just having another baby, but with one of my favourite Eastenders stars. I am so excited!!

Apparently not everyone is though according to OK! which is sad. Dan’s ex is getting a bit heated and its all a bit emosh and sad over there. But I for one am happy for them both. Congratulations guys!

Bring Back Mario!

images_FotorTOWIE‘s Mario has released a statement begging to be allowed back into the show after being caught up in a drugs scandal!

The statement said: “I would like to publicly
apologise to my loyal family and friends, all of my co-stars on TOWIE, to ITV and most importantly to all of the fans.”

“I have been seeking professional assistance and am now fit and well. I hope producers and ITV will see my genuine remorse and consider allowing me to return to the show.”

I feel sorry for him, please TOWIE bosses let him back on!! We’ve lost too many golden oldies from the show and Mario’s beautiful eyes and chest are definitely a highlight for me! He’s almost as good as Mr Wright!

Can we all just kiss and make up? The show won’t be the same without him!

Not again Arg!

OMG James Argent from TOWIE has gone and messed it up again. In last night’s episode, he ruined his last chances at a rekindling of romance between him and Lydia. I must admit I was skeptical that the whole thing was happening IRL anyway but it does make me sad. Rumours have emerged about a threesome Arg had whilst with Lydia three years ago which he denied and then later when pushed said were true.

Lydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_FotorWhen will these boys learn that honesty is the only thing to do in a situation like that?! I’m gutted for him though. I wish a boy looked at me the way he looks at Lyds.

Other highlights of last night’s episode for me include Lydia’s remark “Don’t p*** on my back and call it rain,”, Dani and Lauren’s FIGHT and Dan in nothing but dungarees…

My essex boys and girls do me proud!!