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Don’t Tell The Bride is Back!

dont-tell-the-bride_940x705_FotorIf like me, and most people, you were gutted that Don’t Tell The Bride had been cancelled have no fear, its been announced it’s coming back to BBC ONE! YES! So it’s moving on up, not being scrapped, woohoo! We can all continue to judge weddings and make snidey comments about bridezillas for a lot longer.

This time around there’ll be a slight twist too according to Heat – all the brides will be aged between 30 and 55, and their grooms will be slightly older too. I love this though. It’s just showing that it doesn’t matter if you’re getting older and still not in any sight of solid hubby material, not even a glimpse, not even a glimmer mate. It’s all good, there’s still a chance.

I can’t wait for it to start!

I’m a Celebrity is Over :(

Gemma-Collins_FotorAs if I’m a celebrity is already over?! I swear it only just started! I’m so happy that foggy won, he was hilarious and I love love loved him! And as usual the final trials were great too! They had to eat lots of horrible things as per. It was all just fab and now I’m really sad its all over!

But The Only Way is Essexmas is on Wednesday and good old GC is back and she’ll be talking about how horrible the jungle was!! And it’s only 17 days till Christmas! It’s a good time to be Suzie right now!

I’m A Celeb is back!!

Gemma-Collins_FotorI was so excited last night to find out I’m a Celeb was back on, I’d completely forgot till Mum told me.  Such a ditz sometimes!

How brill was it though?! Love Gemma, she’s mental bless her! I feel like she’s really gonna struggle in the jungle but if she hangs on in there, I think it’ll be the best thing ever to happen to her! I’m fangirling for you Gem!!

Also how cool is it that Tinchy’s on there? I loved his songs! I just can’t wait for this series to get properly going! Although it’ll never be as good again as when my baby Mark Wright was on it! Miss you Mark!


Children in Need!

children_in_need_slide_main_FotorIt’s that beautiful, slightly teary, both happy and sad, time of the year again. Tonight is Children In Need. I hope you can all give as much as you can tonight, just as I will be. You can donate here. I’ve gathered all my beaut family and friends round for a banging pudsey celebration. We’re gonna watch all the hilarious stuff on the tv till early in the morning, eat our lush takeaway and celebrate how lucky and happy and healthy we all are, because we don’t do that enough you know!

I am definitely gonna do a sponsored silence next year! Or some kind of crazy sponsored haircut like Jessie J did! I would love to do that! What do you guys think I could do to raise money?

Cutest story ever?

Okay, guys, I am about to hit you with one of the cutest stories I’m pretty sure all of you have ever heard. Meet Roger, the sick cat who got better by watching The Great British Bake Off! I don’t watch GBBO anymore myself, Paul does my head in, give me a bit of TOWIE anyday.

BUT still this is SO SO cute and definitely worth a watch! The video shows Roger running in to catch the Bake Off as soon as he hears the theme tune! His owner thinks GBBO has definitely helped him to get through his hard time after he tragically got his leg caught in his collar. Adorbs!!

TOWIE Lovers!!

NLydia+Bright+James+Argent+jkERrk1VxNXm_Fotorow you guys all know how much I love my TOWIE fix. I’ve been missing it lately but ITS BACK SOON. And this little article here has some very interesting little tasters and titbits about the new series being filmed in Ibiza RIGHT NOW EEEEEK.

So no surprises that Argy Bargy and little Lyd aren’t getting it on anymore (so much surprise) but I’m sad to hear Ferne predict Lewis and Lauren will break up – I was starting to like them n’awwwww. Apparently the gorgey Elliot and Chloe might get engaged (can’t wait for that scene, going to be soooo cute) AND BEST TILL LAST Mario might be back…. YES!!!!! Can’t wait!!


Familiar face!

You know I said I hated that posh girl on The X Factor the other night? Well it turns out I was right about her. She’s been on some modelling show on Sky before and she was just as annoying on that. Like love, can you get anymore attention seeking?

She clearly couldn’t get famous for modelling and this is just another way she can bring attention on herself. I’m sorry but she’s clearly an attention seeker desperate for fame! We want people with passion for singing and music not this rubbish!! I hope she doesn’t make it through boot camp to the live rounds, I will definitely not be voting for her!

Simon’s back!

uktv-the-x-factor-2014-judges-panel_FotorOMG I loved the X Factor last night. I love how people can watch the acts from the waiting room, it’s such a cool idea! But must be well scary if you see someone really good! Also love Cheryl being back, she’s so beautiful!

Got to admit that Simon makes it though, he’s so funny!! He’s a lot nicer now he’s got Eric too!  Plus they had some really good characters on the show like that guy with the little girl who’d been in the navy mmmmm. I hated that posh woman. She is gonna be so annoying right?!

Best thing for Bingo lovies like me though is Mecca’s new X Factor games. They had some brilliant games last night that were X factor themed so you can get special deals whilst you watch the show! And best thing is now its shown on a Sunday too so I get to make the most out of two nights, oh yeaaah!

Long live the X Factor!!!

CHAZ are back!

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Gaz Beadle, Gary BeadleGaz and Charlotte are back together.. well rumoured to be.. and that’s enough for us Geordie Shore fans! Forget Mitch Charlotte, forget the past and get youse back together again, ya know what I mean?

Okay, pet, I know that was the worst Geordie “accent” ever but seriously I am just too excited about this man. The pair have been on and off more times than a light switch but not in that annoying Charlie and Ferne way but one where we all secretly want them to get together no matter what! The parsnip was just too much to resist!

Fingers crossed he wasn’t just “looking after her as a friend” or some rubbish. I’d be gutted. Oh well next episode of Geordie Shore will no doubt reveal it all eeeek!

CBB Launch Tonight!

Is anyone else super excited for tonight’s launch? It’s always the best night of the CBB series, watching them all go in, and the line up this year looks amazing!

I’m excited to find out about this mysterious blonde that disappeared at the last minute too and sent shockwaves through everyone working alauren-goodger-marina-laslo-concert_Fotort Channel 5. I wonder why they’re having to hold it together, it must be an interesting bunch.

It’s the battle of the reality TV shows again though with ex-Geordie Shore man, Ricci,  Made in Chelsea star Stephanie Pratt and that awful Lauren Goodger woman… AND for once I don’t want the Essex girl to win.

Ten quid says she moans about Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan within the first few days of being in there… Did someone say bitter?