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Christmas Kindness!

ad_154858836_FotorCould this be the sweetest Christmas story ever? A woman walking around town in Manchester with her young daughter was given £200 on the street by a stranger in what seemed to be a random act of kindness. She did something equally lovely with the money buying a memorial for her grandmother, a ticket to be with her family at Christmas and donating the rest to a children’s charity present thing. I love how she didn’t just spend it all on shoes or a new dress for the Christmas party. I bet the man knew she’d use it well. It’s such a heart warming story ain’t it?

Maybe we should all try to do some random acts of kindness this Christmas? I know I haven’t got £200 to spare, but it’s not hard to hold a door open for someone, offer somebody the last box of crackers rather than nabbing it and running off in the supermarket or taking your neighbours round some home made mince pies.

Oh Josie!

Josie-Cunningham-and-Curtis-Davies_FotorJust how do these crazy crazy things keep happening to this Josie Cunningham woman?! I can’t work out if she’s really clever for keeping herself in the public eye or just really really really stupid!!

She reckons she was tricked into thinking she was going out with a professional footballer for like 18 months and that he was the father of her child… Come off it? I know the guy is a first class idiot for leading her on but really Josie really?!

I mean theres been many a time I thought I’d bumped into a professional footballer and he’d fallen in love with me… but sadly for Suzie, it was only a dream. One day eh girls? ;)

Suns out, Bums out!

Towie-pants_2939426b_FotorPhew… This weather is absolutely ridiculous. Now I know us Essex girls we love a bit of heat, we love to get our spray tans out but this is just TOO HOT!

Me and the family went down to Southend earlier and laid out on the beach, it was a lovely day with ice creams and paddling and all my favourite people. I didn’t get my bikini on though, I’ve been feeling rather flabby since I came back from Marbs.. all that drinking :( It’s actually hotter here than it was when I went to bloody Marbs! It’s a good way to top up my tan though, I’m golden again already.

Saw way too much of some people on the beach though, just because the suns out boys and girls doesn’t mean you to have to flash it all about. A few guys were even wearing one of those one strapped man-short things Bobby and Harry were sporting in Marbs.. was it just me who thought these were just a joke… Awkward…