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Broody Bridezillas!

53d26df799b03_173579305_FotorSorry I haven’t posted for a few days, I won some money at the Bingo on Friday night and spent the weekend in a state of drunken bliss with my girlies and then hungover hill for the end of it – the best kind of weekends.

Saw this today on the Daily Star. It has been reported that more women than ever are planning their wedding when they don’t even have a groom.. OMG I can admit I am totally GUILTY of this! I love how it even says 1,000 women even had the ring picked out before they met their groom, that is so me!

A few of my friends are engaged and I just get so jealous having wedmin (wedding admin) chats with them! I always think how I would do it if it was my big day – I’m talking big dress, big hair, a castle (think Katie’s marriage to Peter Andre but with more taste!!). I think I’d go baby blue and pastel pink for my wedding colours and have everyone I’ve ever met there!

See I’m sorted, all I need now is my groom.. any takers? Mark Wright?