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Don’t Tell The Bride is Back!

dont-tell-the-bride_940x705_FotorIf like me, and most people, you were gutted that Don’t Tell The Bride had been cancelled have no fear, its been announced it’s coming back to BBC ONE! YES! So it’s moving on up, not being scrapped, woohoo! We can all continue to judge weddings and make snidey comments about bridezillas for a lot longer.

This time around there’ll be a slight twist too according to Heat – all the brides will be aged between 30 and 55, and their grooms will be slightly older too. I love this though. It’s just showing that it doesn’t matter if you’re getting older and still not in any sight of solid hubby material, not even a glimpse, not even a glimmer mate. It’s all good, there’s still a chance.

I can’t wait for it to start!

Let the bride, meet the groom.

PAY-Adele-Vellacott-and-Dave-Cobain_FotorAwww how cute! Everyone loves a bit of Take Me Out on a saturday night, but to know its actually making happy lives is just the sweetest thing! You know me, I loveeee a good wedding, and these pictures of a couple who got together on Take Me Out getting married are just adorbs!

I absolutely love her dress and their son is so perfect!! Do you think they invited Paddy along for the service? I would.

Hey, maybe I should get myself on the show, whaddya think Ladies? Let the Suzie, meet the man of her dreams?

Broody Bridezillas!

53d26df799b03_173579305_FotorSorry I haven’t posted for a few days, I won some money at the Bingo on Friday night and spent the weekend in a state of drunken bliss with my girlies and then hungover hill for the end of it – the best kind of weekends.

Saw this today on the Daily Star. It has been reported that more women than ever are planning their wedding when they don’t even have a groom.. OMG I can admit I am totally GUILTY of this! I love how it even says 1,000 women even had the ring picked out before they met their groom, that is so me!

A few of my friends are engaged and I just get so jealous having wedmin (wedding admin) chats with them! I always think how I would do it if it was my big day – I’m talking big dress, big hair, a castle (think Katie’s marriage to Peter Andre but with more taste!!). I think I’d go baby blue and pastel pink for my wedding colours and have everyone I’ve ever met there!

See I’m sorted, all I need now is my groom.. any takers? Mark Wright?


Would you celebrate your Divorce?

article-2694836-1F92FB1200000578-964_634x624_FotorDivorce is a difficult subject, I know that. And I also admit I come from a family where divorce is rare, but I don’t have a problem with it or anything. I do, however, think it seems really rather sad and depressing that some girls are so excited to divorce that they are celebrating with expensive custom made cakes and parties as described on the femail bit of the Daily Mail today.

I believe in love at first sight and I am a hopeless romantic at heart, I’ve always looked on the bright side of life. These cakes are so sad. It makes me want to cry that people’s marriages have turned THAT sour that they feel they have to turn to making a cake where it looks like they’re stabbing the groom or putting their ring and engagement ring in a graveyard. I know many of the men have cheated but you need to leave that scumbag behind and not even give him the time of day or the attention a cake like that gives. Whats wrong with just going out and getting blind drunk with your girlfriends?