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X-tremely Hot Factor!

Ben-Haenow_FotorI was so happy with the X Factor result last night! The gorgeous Ben totally deserved to win and he kept making me burst into tears the whole night because he was so cute! Especially when they did the messages about his family, awwww!

And to top the whole night off I only went and won some money whilst watching from the Bingo X Factor games they have! It was the best best best night ever!!

Now I just need Ben under my tree with his beautiful eyes, pretty please Santa?


uktv-the-x-factor-2014-judges-panel_FotorLittle did I know when I watched Cheryl’s amazing performance on the X Factor last night that it was gonna cause such a fuss! Apparently twitter went crazy after she sang her new song with people claiming she was miming.

Miming or not, Cheryl looked hot!! I’d like to see them all dance like that and manage to sing every note perfectly, sometimes miming is the only way. So many celebrities were calling her a hypocrite and being mean but Simon can’t exactly sing can he and nobody complains about that? I loved Cheryl’s performance and I love her new song, she’ll be laughing when its number one babes!

Ex Factor!!


Is this a joke?! That weird dodgy woman on X factor that the crowd booed off after like two seconds was the one who had the affair with Ricky from TOWIE when he’d just got together with Jess?

Oh my god, he had a lucky escape with her. It is really true that men go for burgers when they have steak at home Jeeeeezz! Grosss!

I am glad Ricky’s learnt his lesson! Just shows how bad these Essex boys can be? So glad I’m single!!

Familiar face!

You know I said I hated that posh girl on The X Factor the other night? Well it turns out I was right about her. She’s been on some modelling show on Sky before and she was just as annoying on that. Like love, can you get anymore attention seeking?

She clearly couldn’t get famous for modelling and this is just another way she can bring attention on herself. I’m sorry but she’s clearly an attention seeker desperate for fame! We want people with passion for singing and music not this rubbish!! I hope she doesn’t make it through boot camp to the live rounds, I will definitely not be voting for her!

Simon’s back!

uktv-the-x-factor-2014-judges-panel_FotorOMG I loved the X Factor last night. I love how people can watch the acts from the waiting room, it’s such a cool idea! But must be well scary if you see someone really good! Also love Cheryl being back, she’s so beautiful!

Got to admit that Simon makes it though, he’s so funny!! He’s a lot nicer now he’s got Eric too!  Plus they had some really good characters on the show like that guy with the little girl who’d been in the navy mmmmm. I hated that posh woman. She is gonna be so annoying right?!

Best thing for Bingo lovies like me though is Mecca’s new X Factor games. They had some brilliant games last night that were X factor themed so you can get special deals whilst you watch the show! And best thing is now its shown on a Sunday too so I get to make the most out of two nights, oh yeaaah!

Long live the X Factor!!!